The American Empire. How the state is the church and why we should seperate. SECESSION !

This is my first post in what will be a weekly blog. In this blog, I’ll write about topics that I feel are important  issues that do not get the attention they deserve in the mainstream media.  I will discuss some current events but I mainly Imagine this blog to be a sounding off page for me, A place where I can share all the things I’ve learned in my life, through my perspective. My mind has been shaped and influenced by a wide range of disparate ideas. I hope to offer a fresh perspective on the things I care about the most. 

The first topic I will be writing about is secession. what is secession exactly?

The dictionary definition of secession is: the action of  formally withdrawing membership from a federation or body, especially a political state.

Think about that.Does that seem like an unreasonable request?  to withdraw membership. if there are differences between people, then why should they be forced to stay together? As the great economist and author Walter Williams has said: “state Secession from the federal government is like getting a divorce in marriage” I personally subscribe to the belief that Monogamy isn’t natural nor is it realistic, so to think it can be achieved on a larger and more complicated scale is preposterous. Human beings are living, breathing things, that are constantly learning, growing, evolving and adapting to new & different circumstances and rapidly fast changing situations. In the age of the internet where no idea is bound by borders it is absolutely unreasonable to let a certain group of people draw up lines and confine us to a certain geographical area in order to isolate,dictate & mandate unified rule & conformity over the populous.

I’ve always been guided by myself; Why should I listen to anyone else if I do not agree with them ? Especially someone or a group of someone’s in this case that call themselves THE authority under the guise of a “we know what’s best for you” government. As a sovereign adult,I disagree with the rule over me. I wish to separate and join others that share the same beliefs and ideas as I do. after all,  Why should we be forced to stay if we do not agree? Going back to marriage,  If you enter into a relationship with another, and you begin fighting constantly and are not getting along, never seeing eye to eye on important issues, you become very unhappy, so then Why should you stay together? You should separate and get a divorce. That is a perfectly reasonable and socially acceptable thing to do in modern society. See, This kind of action is allowed in our relationships with each other but not allowed in public discourse. It is forbidden to suggest such a thing as secession, as you will be condemned vilified and shunned from of society.why?

After all didn’t we secede from British rule and create the colonies.yes we did, and we even included it in the deceleration of independence. but then…



 We created a monster.

The states created the federal government.  When formed, The states originally delegated power to the federal govt. If the states didn’t believe that they retained  the right to seceded at any time,for any reason, then they never would’ve ratified the constitution. The states are the principles and the federal government is the agent. The states hired the govt. and therefore states have the right to fire their agent or  “employee”

The American empire in 2015 is too big. Why is it that a nation of 390 million people must be ruled by one city ? And more  Specifically ruled by  just over 500 people in that one city. It makes no sense, at least it makes no sense for the benefit of the people, however it makes perfect sense for the long arm of the state. In any other area of life there are out clauses. If you join a gym and don’t want to be a member there anymore because you purchased some weights of your own and plan to work out in your basement with your buddies,  nobody tries to stop you, scoff at you smear you and no one calls you crazy.  It’s a perfectly reasonable thing to do. If it’s acceptable to secede from your gym and start your own gym, with your own rules and with people you get along with and share common goals ideas and objectives with, than why not for a state?. The only difference is that there was a voluntary agreement on both ends to form a membership and I don’t ever recall consenting to an agreement with the government but that is a whole other topic for another post.

So why does the American media and political class not want this?  Why is it unacceptable to even suggest the idea of secession? Why? 

Because they want to keep the country large in size and population, in order to maintain & grow the military industrial complex. I’ve always intellectually known about the global influence of the west, but now, since I’ve been on the road, traveling in south east Asia, I see and feel the power of the global American empire. Expansion,centralization and unification into a monoculture seems to be the primary agenda. 

Most countries that are larger in size tend to have a larger population.I think the only exceptions may be Canada and  Australia. The larger the country, the more people it can have under it’s rule to live and work as tax slaves, generating money that gets taken from them by the ruling government and used to expand the powers of the military industrial complex. 

 It’s pretty amazing how the American media and political classes mange to manufacture consent, making everyone buy into a false sense of collectivism & national pride. The propagandists who drum up this irrational nationalism tend to lean on consistent & repetitive hero worshiping of our military and over-glorification of American myths, historical figures, events and cultural traditions. The longer this goes on, the harder it is to break free and think about  alternatives. When an alternative is brought up, the political and media classes need not worry, already having whipped up enough support by creating an “ I got your back bro, ra ra ra patriot crowd” who will attack alternative ideas and suggestions with loud shootings of bumper sticker slogans like:   ” if you don’t like it here, then leave” “ why don’t you move to North Korea” or a more historical one from one of the most criminal American presidents of all time “a nation divided against itself can not stand” “manifest density !”  ” from sea to shining sea”  and all that feel good “we” mentality stuff. I never understood the “we”  mentality. Who exactly is “we” 

We went to the moon ! No “we” did not. NASA went to the moon. We weren’t even born yet and if we were, we watched it on a black and white TV and contributed nothing. 

We won the Super Bowl!  No “we” did not. This year, the New England patriots won. We ate buffalo wings,  drank beer and paid $90 to wear a jersey with a someone Else’s name on it.

The “we” mentality is a dangerous superstition. There is no real “we” in terms of a nation or country. There is no such thing. What right does a group of people have to declare authority over other sovereign human beings and call themselves this abstract concept of a nation ? It’s just an idea and a bad one at that. It is a collection of people in a given geographical area once bound by no connection to the outside world but now super connected to everyone. That’s it! It’s people living within invisible drawn up lines we call  our state boundaries. It’s not real. As I mentioned earlier the internet allows for mass connection of people, cultures and ideas to spread lighting fast. It doesn’t  matter where you live. We are living in the time of the “global village” as Marshall McLuhan described. McLuhan also said “the medium is the message” the medium is the internet and the message is freedom. Freedom from oppression, manipulation, subjugation, fear the list goes on.. Total freedom like we have never believe seen I the world. You can not draw on history for this for there IS NO PRECEDENT. We are truly living in revolutionary times. So, the “we” is not defined by invisible lines on a map anymore. As my good friend Dave Smith, comedian and host of part of the problem podcast puts it and I’m paraphrasing here:  “ I have more in common with people  in Toronto than I do with people in Texas. Why should I be obligated to have allegiance or  loyalty to one place over the other” 

 And it’s true. Nowadays people can work,share and collaborate with individuals all over the globe not restricted by geographical location. So why should governments try to maintain this illusion of separateness?  Clearly, there is no “we the nation” The real “we” Are groups of like minded people that want to freely associate and exchange with each other. Why can’t People that share the same ideas about how a society be organized get together and organize their own society. Why are we dismissed as lunatics if a group of us decide we want to get together and draw some new lines somewhere say… In New Hampshire where a group called the free state movement is trying to do just that. Check them out. If I can get a group of 150 people which is considered the ideal group of people to exist in a given territorial space; it’s called Dunbars number and it states that human beings only have the mental capacity to have 150 solid & stable relationships. I think these types of micro-states or tribes, would make for better communities and I can & will go into that further in another post. But for now, let’s say that a group of 150 of us get together and we all share the same perspective on things, we decide to organize a society for ourselves. in this society we decide that all drugs should be legal, that there should be live music played in the town square every night and that you could walk around naked if you want too, what the hell, why we have all agreed this is the way we wish to live out our human existence on this earth. Well why can’t we do this? Why can’t free people decide to do the things the way they want in their own little line drawn area? Because “we” (the state ) would never allow it. Like great libertarian author and philosopher Murray Rothbard says in his essay, Anatomy of the State; “we are not the government and the government  is not us”  but what do you mean? That’s not what were told in school? We are told that “we the people” are the government, that we elect benevolent angles that sacrifice their lives for social justice, to carry out the will of the people. Yeah right and George Washington never told a lie yada yada blah blah ok. Now back to reality.  

The “we” effect stops people from thinking that they are separate from the country they live in.they think they are one in the same and the veneration of the state becomes a holy and sacred ritual to them. This religious,  cult like devotion and obedience creates a psychological shift in consciousness, one that the state needs in order to boost morale amongst such a large number of people. those people ( the media included ) now become kinda unofficial spokesman’s for  state power, condemning and vilifying anyone who even suggests any other alternative like secession.

The “united we stand divided we fall” group take Great pride in doing their patriotic duty by shunning anyone who dares to think that maybe a smaller group of like minded people in a smaller geographical area would be better and more humane way to live. “No way! Bigger is better and if you think differently then you are a  traitor to America! ” … this kind of ignorant slogan shouting usually comes from the NASCAR dad of 17 who thinks freedom defined by driving his truck to Wall-Mart while drinking a beer.

Why must  a country with so many diverse races, religions, cultures, beliefs and ideologies be forced to unite,to share one belief. There is supposed to be a separation of church and state but that’s misleading the state is the church now, and the religious doctrine of the land is uniformity. Secession is blasphemy ! You are a heretic that deserves to be burned at the stake for questioning the one true god: the mighty American instead of having freedom  and choice, we have indoctrination, propaganda and bizarre ceremonial rituals like voting. voting for the president is a total farce. Throughout my lifetime I’ve seen lots of different things happen but not much has changed. That’s because the thought controllers of approved opinion won’t let us think for ourselves and instead shove their agenda at us in a repetitive zombie like fashion. As I mentioned before, the state is the church now. The old power structure of religion is barley clinging on in the west, so in its place is state power. It’s the same thing. Authority disguised in new clothes. The devil in a new dress. Try and Think about the similarities to the church and the state. The ceremonial type rituals, repetitive singing of songs (pledged of allegiance ) Etc… These things never get brought up or discussed but if you dive deeper into them you reveal the truth. Obviously it is in the states best interest to shape the national conversation, which is why I do not believe anything that the mainstream media tells me nor the libertarian historian and author, Tom Woods puts it;   “ the thought controllers  confine us to a 3×5 card of allowable opinion. There is no straying from the card, you either favor the policies of  Mitt Romney or Hillary Clinton, you’re either for taxes of 35% or 39%, to even question why should we be taxed at all? Or ask any other legitimate fundamental question is out of the question because it is off the card” This is absurd! Every 4 years we are  forced to chose between chocolate or vanilla? Or as South Park hilariously out it in 2004 ; a giant douche or a turd sandwich. Why must we be forced to all agree on one way of doing things?  “This way of doing things is the best and only way! And suggesting anything else is out of the questions and off the table, now shut up and go back to work citizen!” 

Why can’t republicans secede and go live with republicans. Why can’t liberals seceded and go live with liberals? Why can’t libertarians live with libertarians? Why can’t we separate and live under our own rules that we agree upon ? Why can’t we live in peace and harmony in a smaller localized & decentralized area ? I feel like I’m beating dead horse by being repetitive about this but we must ask these questions and when you do you inevitably come to the conclusion that the reason is that the government we live under wants us to remain tax slaves in order to maintain and expand it’s power and control over as many people and territories as possible through the might of the military industrial complex. It’s that simple. Occam’s razor can and should be applied here. Occam’s razor is a scientific line of reasoning that states that the simplest answer is often the correct answer. 

If we are really free, then we should have the right to come together as free people and choose where we want to draw lines. But we are not free. Originally when the lines were drawn and the states were created they were looked at as essentially being their own countries. The states had far more power and rights than they do now. It would be extremely beneficial for free people to live under that model.we were warned of these states becoming what they are today. this quote from Tom Woods latest book, Real dissent. a libertarian sets fire to the index card of allowable opinion (which obviously has had a major impact on me) really grabbed my attention. it is from Robert E. Lee and he says ” the consolidation of the states into one vast republic, sure to be aggressive abroad and despotic at home, will be the certain precursor of that ruin which has overwhelmed all those that preceded it.”

The one vast republic, we have become. But who is this good for? what progress and liberation does this give to the people? it doesn’t. it only gives more power to the state. No state has ever just handed over power, and certainly does not tolerate speaking about separation. so obviously the state does not want secession because for each secession, creates more smaller countries that exist in close proximity to each other, each with their own currency and  laws. This spells trouble for any governing body of authority because each countries rulers will then wield less influence, control & power over their populous. As tom woods said in his talk at the Misses institute a few weeks ago: 

” The more territorial units you have next to each other the more pressure there is on the political leaders to behave because it’s easy to exit and go somewhere else, so they are restrained by competition” in other words if the citizens New York become unhappy with the laws and rules they can simply leave and move to the country of New Jersey a few hours away. So political rulers are less likely to oppress people because otherwise they lose their tax slaves to the next country over. This is why Americans aren’t encouraged to travel as much as other countries. the state doesn’t want us to see the world for our own eyes. When most Americans do travel they go to resorts and don’t really experience what the real world is like. I am traveling right now and I haven’t met any Americans.There’s no gap year of travel encouraged  in America like there is in other countries around the world. “No breaks for you here citizen! How dare you! Work,work, work, that’s our motto in the good old U.S.of A. It’s slave away till you die. You’ll be happy here if not now, someday you will after all you are a citizen of America, the greatest country on earth, Remember ? Look at all that  “we” have done together. – the state.

Currently, my travels have lead me to Laos, in Southeast Asia. Americans don’t really know anything about Laos, and I have to admit I did not either Until recently. Laos is a beautiful country filled with beautiful people, who I feel great sympathy for. I’ve seen many people here living in extreme poverty. Men women and children with missing limbs, blown off by unexploded  bombs. That’s right, unexploded bombs, millions of them, left over from the United States military. The United States of America dropped bombs on Laos for over 9 years during the Vietnam war. It’s referred to as the “secret war”, although I don’t think you can call it a war because as comedian Bill Hicks famously put it: A war is usually categorized as: TWO ARMIES FIGHTING.More than 2 million tons of bombs were dropped on Laos. Over 580,000 bombing missions. That equals out to bombs being dropped every eight minutes, 24 hours a day, for 9 years straight, making Laos the most heavily bombed country per capita in history. Can you Imagine that? And it’s called “the secret war” There were more bombs dropped by the untied states of America on Laos than ALL  the bombs that were dropped  in world war 2 combined.And there still remains an entire country here,  littered with tons of unexploded U.S. Bombs bought and paid for, all thanks to the hard earned tax dollars of the good ol’ patriotic citizens of the United States America. Google it if you want to know more. My References are from : & Wikipedia . 

So, why is this relevant? Because things like this don’t happen at the hand of smaller countries.Could you imagine bombs being dropped on that same scale by a country as small as Delaware? Or what about genocide at the hands of an evil dictator? Could you imagine a rise of power from a Stalin,Mao,or Hitler type out of a country the size of Rhode Island? Highly unlikely. Small, local decentralized territories keep others in check.  secession must be discussed. If you are for death destruction and imperialism then this isn’t for you, but if you oppose those things then we should fight for smaller territorial units. Fight for secession! Because large empires are evil and by living and contributing to the empire, you are contributing to the perpetuation of evil. America is an empire that is too big. Again, we have over 320 million people being governed by a little over 500 people?  In one tiny city !! This is madness! The ratio of representation is absurd.  We now have 1 representative for every 730,000 Americans.  This makes no sense.

We need to educate ourselves and the people around us to the reality of the world we live in. It is a tough obstacle because of who we(American people) have become in this day in age in 2015. I think One of the biggest problems with America that I’ve noticed, especially  by traveling and meeting people from all over the world is that; we are completely isolated. Like I mentioned earlier, I haven’t met many Americans at all. We are Isolated, geographically and mentally. We are isolated from the rest of The world and yet “we” (the state) is not isolated,  having an imperial presences with over 600 military bases in 150 countries. It’s messed up. We are an empire that is teetering on the brink of collapse. We can not continue to live this way. At least morally, I can not. It’s your job to help spread the word, educate people because most Americans have no idea, nor do they care, instead they take pride in their ignorance and isolation. Most Americans haven’t thought too much about this. They are a product of their environment. By default they are ethnocentric & egotistical. They  think the rest of the world is wacky, scary and unsafe. I will quote Tom Woods again who says, “of course Americans have this perspective, our politicians and media class tell us constantly that we are the most awesome of the awesome and that no other country is as awesome as us”  the Lego movie soundtrack comes to ind as well with “everything is awesome!” The message is: don’t even bother thinking about any alternatives, don’t go looking elsewhere, because everywhere else is dangerous, barbaric and uncivilized. If America was to divide it would be chaos ! – the state 

Keeping us isolated and ignorant and reinforcing national pride and extreme patriotism  makes it so easy to make the idea of secession sound blasphemous. They need to keep us tax slaves here, in the human factory farm that is the United States of America. The state wants as many people as it can get under it’s rule to fuel the military industrial complex. Stay united, work hard be a good patriotic citizen, don’t ask questions, don’t think just be productive so you can do your civic duty and contribute to the empires monopoly on violence, it’s  reign of death, destruction, fear and intimidation abroad and now more present as well at home. 

Secession must be talked about more, not deemed as heresy. It is a perfectly reasonable thing to discuss and to begin taking action in. intelligent like minded people must stand up take action. Be a productive member of society! Participate in shaping the future for yourself and your loved ones, read, research and learn. Share your thoughts and opinions about this with friends and family. Is it so crazy to want to live In a place where you and everyone around you shares similar ideas, beliefs and can coexist in a peaceful harmonious & voluntary way ? I don’t think it’s impossible. Living on a smaller political scale is a more sustainable, civilized and more humane way to live. I’m doing my part. Planting seeds to Secede. Secede from the evil empire.I will conclude with the words of Chris Hedges who says: “the fight is not over, it is in your hands.No one in history has ever handed over power, No matter how much noise is made. The only route left is revolt. Stand up, be counted for and live in truth.”  Let us Secede!


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