Ctrl Ctrl Ctrl _ They may take our lives, but they’ll never take our internet ! #netnuetrality

I have to admit, I was a little confused about this matter when I first heard of it.I’m all for a free and open Internet, so I guess that means I must be for Net Neutrality then, right? I mean doesn’t Net Neutrality  mean that the internet is neutral, that no one controls it?  that sounds pretty good to me . I didn’t really do much research over it at the time and I think I even signed some petitions in favor of net neutrality. I think what I misunderstood, was the meaning of neutral. Turns out there’s different interpretations of the word. I began to understand that it was internet companies that were pushing for “neutrality” as they define it. And they define it by getting the government to regulate and restrict things to their advantage. To them this is somehow nuetral. But how could this be? I mean aren’t the internet companies supposed to be the good guys? Isn’t Google’s motto “don’t be evil” ? well,if Google is anything like the government and unfortunately, now they are, you have to take everything they say to mean the exact opposite. They may have started off small and with good intentions but as they continued to grow, they became a leviathan. See, they want the government involved to regulate things to their advantage and that Is the part I don’t like. when you have a system that exists that can be bought to enforce your way, then all of a sudden the good guys become the bad guys. Because it’s too easy to!  That iron throne is just too tempting. as the old saying goes:  “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”  so when you have google & the United States government striking deals, joining forces, that’s a little scary. 

One of the good guys,  internet entrepreneurs and pirate party leader, Rick Falkvinge puts it this way: “The rule makers who make the rules, make them that way in order to prevent change and keep themselves In power.”  Big power structures align. That’s just what they do, and always have done. You Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.

 It’s exactly like the banks. As soon as I understood it in this way, it became clear that I strongly opposed net neutrality. The alignment of interests of big internet companies and big government smells a lot like crony capitalism, corporatism, fascism and what leads to things like bank bailouts, “too big to fail “. Etc… Etc.. So essentially government intervention in the internet will go down the same road as the banks, but instead of controlling the money supply, they will control something that is far more important to the advancement and progress of humanity: the free flow of  knowledge & information. So this whole debate about being neutral just doesn’t make sense anymore. Neutrality is bogus. It’s a scam. I mean, neutral to who exactly ? To benefit who’?  I thought Companies like Google wanted to be free and out of government regulation? but instead they are joining the evil empire, they’re going with the guys with the guns. They are essentially saying: “excuse me Mr. government sir, there’s some things that we don’t think are fair. can you make some laws and essentially force everyone to comply by putting a gun to their head?” Again, that doesn’t sound open, neutral, fair or free. Its such a complex issue and It was very tough researching and reading all the technical literature on ISPs and broadband connections and so on, but Ultimately, the conclusion I came to  is that Net neutrality is more unnecessary government meddling.  It’s a non solution to a non problem. The Internet is fine the way it is, just like the economy was fine the way it was before the Federal Reserve bank came in and messed it all up. We can’t make the same mistakes again. Let the free market handle it. that’s it. There is absolutely no need for more tax payer money to go into funding another government bureaucracy. even just a little regulation and control now could potentially  snowball into a thought police, 1984 like future. Because,if we allow government to get their foot in the door today, it will set precedent  for the other foot to come in in the future and over time, inevitability leading to them bulldozing the whole damn door down, taking more and more power away from the people and thus, society suffers and becomes much poorer because of it. The internet must be left to the free market, to private companies to charge and do whatever they wish. That is what it was founded on. government has no place in this realm. They of course want to make the power grab, but we can’t let them. Its such a big issue because of what’s at stake. 

“The Medium is the Message” – Marshall McLuhan  

These famous words seem more fitting now than ever before.The Medium is the internet and the message is freedom. The internet is the last bastion of free speech left, if it falls, humanity falls with it. 

The FCC chairman Thomas Wheeler is an old out of touch bought and paid for corporate shill & establishment  puppet. He along with the Obama administration are pushing hard, and it seems the republicans have conceited recently as well. This is not good. If you control the medium, you control the message.Its happened with television and now it’s happening to the internet. The mainstream media is a complete joke.The only place where you can get the straight up, unfiltered truth is on the internet. Through blogs like this or podcasts or YouTube videos or Wikipedia and more. It is truly the last bastion of free speech and is like nothing we’ve ever experienced before in known human history. 

The internet  connects people across borders, and puts knowledge in the hand of the individual. The state knows this, it is already having difficulty controlling the public, as mainstream media deteriorates, with the recent Brian Williams situation, and fall in ratings among the major networks,  the government now knows it needs to get its hand on the internet & fast.They will no doubt push for control over the internet by claiming to protect us,to make things fair (always at the hand of a gun & not by the free market) they’ ll claim  its to prevent evil internet service providers from making money, its for the good of the public. Of course it is, it’s never for their own agenda , no that can’t be these aren’t fallible flesh and blood  human beings, these are government people & they’re special, right? Isn’t that what we’re told & tought, that the people that work in government are somhow morally better than us? they’re angels sent down from the heavens and their only purpose in life is to exist as self sacrificing crusaders for justice, always fighting for the good of the citizens. Ha, yeah right. 

“for your own safety” is the scariest thing because it controls by way of installing a general looming sort of ambiguous fear or threat over  the masses. fear of the unknown, the threat of some big other scary thing ,” look out  its coming, it will get you if not for us, just give up more freedom and  we’ll protect you give us more control”. 

The worst things are always done with the best intentions.I fear that the next 9/11 will be a cyber attack and when that happens it’s all over. they will use said attack as an excuse to control the internet, just like they have done all throughout history. the government may even cause a cyber attack itself and say it was someone else in order to push public opinion over to their side, to win support for net neutrality control. it’s called a false flag attack and it is a common used tool of the state. type in a search (while you still can) for false flag, actually also Google: operation Northwoods to while you’re at it do it now.this may be your last chance.

 If you did what I told you to do, you just got information, information that you may not be able to get if the government gets there way. Just like all major power structures throughout history, religions, cults, state governments, military empires, they want you to give them your trust and your faith , your belief without having the direct experience for your self. 

Direct experience is the number one fear among the old power structures, that’s why they want control, because the internet is ripping that old power model to shreds.Because just in the same way that psychedelics do, the internet does the same, it empowers the individual, it delivers direct experience, it connects us it makes us, the people of the world unite as one, sharing ideas and liberating minds. An interconnected & well informed public is what the government fears. That’s why in countries like china they ban things, that’s why when I landed in Taiwan 2 months ago, I could not access my gmail account. It was banned! banned I tells ya, banned ! 

But Our wise and caring government would never do such a thing, right? it could never happen here.  They want to regulate the internet not because they are concerned for our safety but because they are concerned for theirs. knowledge is power, power in your hands and then when you have that, why do you need them? you don’t. States need to constantly manufacture needs in order to legitimize and rationalize their existence in your life. when you find out about things like operation Northwoods, the gulf of Tonkin incident, Iran contra,the NSA spying,  the redacted 28 pages off the 9/11 commission report and the list goes on and on, then  you begin to step out of the matrix and at first it hurts a bit, its uncomfortable but the more you learn, the more you realize everything you’ve ever known is a lie. That its all just an illusion. Well, after you realize that, you’re not going to submit to live under any sort of fear mongering rules.

The standard protocol to deal with people like us, the ones that know, is not to refute us, they can’t. they can’t refute us and they wont. They would never even dare try to meet us on the floor of debate, because the facts , logic and reasoning that we hold is superior, it beats them, its the truth. so instead of refuting us they, deem us as crazy people with wacky ideas. And Crazy is scary because its non conformity is unpredictable and weird and it creates fear in people. 

This method has worked but only to a certain degree, it is fading fast, however people like Alex Jones don’t really help bring more credibility to the real truth tellers like Ron Paul. Ron Paul is constantly smeared and ridiculed but he still pushes on speaking the same truth he has his whole career and they can not stop him, because he is right. He has woken a massive amount of people up with his truth telling straight talk. And there’s no going back.There’s only so many tricks and schemes they can pull, because as Ron Paul  likes to say ” an idea whose time has come can not be stopped by any army or any government” all they have left is to call us crazy wackos or conspiracy theorists or even worse a truther! oh my god no, not a truther! someone who seeks the truth ? that’s frightening. oh no the truth.  how the hell do we live in a world where the term truther is spun to a negative . you mean a person that wants to know the truth is bad?  

the youth are the truth. They’re the future they are the hope. my generation, the millennials are the largest generation now, overtaking the baby boomer generation, they are on the way out and we need to take Control otherwise it will be taken from us. we need to wake up and realize we are the ones driving the ship  now, not them. The new power needs to take over now and get rid of the old obsolete model. The internet must remain out of the hands of government and in the hands of the individual. Just think of what happened in Egypt because of twitter. and then what was the response of the government?  shut it down! whenever there is a political uprising the first thing the government does is shut down the internet.

 “Political rulers around the world hate the internet for a very simple reason: the free flow of information across borders threatens to expose them and the governments they run for what they are.” – Jeff Deist, President of the Mises Institute once again I would like to mention the connection between psychedelics and technology. the two share many similarities, in fact  he internet in a way is psychedelic and governments fear them in the same way they do the the “drugs” because they do the same types of things, they expand your mind, they make you connect disparate ideas, they  shatter the shackles of control & blast away the illusion of separateness. Just look at the progress that’s been made in the last 30-40 years. All of the greatest things that we have seen, have they come from big state bureaucracies ? or have they come from tech geeks tripping on LSD ? obviously its the latter. But, some of these big companies get too big and then get involved in govt. affairs. That is why the internet must remain out of Govt. hands, to keep the free flow of young entrepreneurs from entering the marketplace and innovating, essentially replacing the big companies, just like apple did to IBM when it came up, now apple is the IBM and will soon be dethroned by another younger, hungrier, more visionary company.Unless they lobby to keep power the way that governments do. that’s why the govt. connection to the internet must be severed. The draw to power and control is too tempting.I fear that time is running out. the reason why I am writing so urgently about this is because the internet has the power to end government tyranny and control across the world. they know that the tide is turning and so they are trying to act fast. I put tremendous faith in the libertarians that are in the tech world in silicon valley. They have a huge opportunity to shift the balance of power. I believe that they can help bring us to the future we want to live in, as long as the threat of government is subdued and no regulations or control restricts  them. However, I fear that If a cyber type attack happens, the state  will use that at an excuse to take our rights away and control the internet we will be living in 1984. if that happens the  free and open internet will be no more and as time goes by, eventually future generations will grow up never having experienced the limitless growth,innovation and global interconnectedness that we know today. They will grow up in a world of information control, it will be history repeating itself again, like the suppression of the discoveries of  Galileo by the catholic church  or the book burnings in Nazi Germany, and none will know a world any different, they’ll simply listen to us beaten down grumpy defeated  old folks drone on about the good ol’ days, the same way we listened to our grandparents tell us ” when I  was your age a movie ticket cost a nickel” ( now thanks to government meddling and control its about 17 dollars)  and we all just think well that’s just the way it is.that’s just the way things have always been, the future generation wont  be able to conceive of another way of how things should be. and that is why it is so important. fight for now, fight to not give governments an inch of control over the internet because, it sets precedent and once you set precedent for something, slowly over time you will be allowed to carry out more and more egregious acts and loss of freedoms. like boiling a frog, if you blast the heat right at the start you startle the frog and he leaps out, but if you do it slowly over time, doesn’t notice and eventually the frog dies. Lets take a look around and check the water to see if its boiling, because I think its getting pretty hot in here. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the state can make things fair or just.They can not .and if they can, its at the hand of a gun and therefore it is not.  Net neutrality is just more big government intrusion in your life, more so called safety and rules for “fairness”  but as we’ve seen in other areas, government meddling leads to disaster. Knowledge is power, information and direct experience is power, power in your hands.the more you know about the truth, the more you learn, the more you experience things, the more you understand reality. You understand how things are done,you expand your mind and being to connect things that you previously hadn’t thought about before or didn’t think were connected. The freedom of the internet allows you to improve your life and the lives of the people around you. You become richer in wisdom, and they do too and therefore you can change the world. You can make an impact and change things the way that you want it to be. hopefully for the good of humankind. The only way this is possible is through freedom. Say No to net neutrality and government regulation and yes to free markets.

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