GOP Debate Fails To Address The Fundamental Issues of Marijuana & The War On Drugs(war on people)

The Gop Debate was horrid on #marijuana Chris Christie is a raging ignoramus, and Carly Fiorina sounded like a fool when she spoke of losing her daughter to drug addiction.
Her 35 year old step- daughter died of prescription pills and alcohol abuse, NOT marijuana.

Then Carly Fiorina said: ” It is very bad idea to tell young people that smoking pot is like drinking a beer..its not its far worse, the pot people are smoking today is stronger” oh really Carly? is it ? how many deaths have been caused as a direct result of smoking marijuana ? how many deaths from Alcohol ?

better yet, how many deaths have been reported from people who have taken natural “drugs” or (plants as I call them) like marijuana and those in the psychedelic camp ? compared to perspiration pills and alcohol ?

The Answers:

Alcohol = 88,000 deaths per year (more than double the amount of gun deaths btw)
Prescription Drugs: between 20-30,000 (according to CDC)
Marijuana = 0
Other Psychedelics: only ego death (which many people could use, especially these robot politicians)

They all failed to miss the fundamental principle when it comes to marijuana and all drugs for that matter. Aside from the multitude of studies proving the benefits these drugs can play for medical and therapeutic purposes, there are other issues that are important and need to be brought to the forefront as well.

here it is:

1. COGNITIVE LIBERTY ! -the “right to mental self-determination”, is the freedom of an individual to control his or her own mental processes, cognition and consciousness. It has been argued to be both an extension of, and the principle underlying, the right to freedom of is the sole responsibility of free individuals to choose what they put into their bodies,and how they alter their consciousness. only you can have sovereignty over your own mind, the government has no right to claim jurisdiction over it. they claim this right out of fear and with the intent to have control of your own mind. no one has that right. only YOU. if you choose to give that up – you are a slave ! plain and simple. someone else owns you. we choose to alter our states of mind everyday with drugs like: caffeine, alcohol, sugar, and for many americans, anti depressants. we have the freedom to make these choices, to use or abuse these “legal good drugs” but studies have shown over and over again, the dangers and addictive properties of sugar (more addictive than cocaine) alcohol, SSRI Anti -depressants (which almost all mass shooters were linked to being users of) we must claim our innate human birth right of cognitive liberty.

2. THE WAR ON DRUGS – is really a war on people and more specifically a war on brown people. it is massive failure, created out of racism and perpetuated on it to this day. #randpaul Made a good point here. The untied states has the highest incarceration rate of non-violent offenders of any nation in the world. the incarceration rate of the US is highest in the world (we lock up more people than NORTH KOREA !!!!) a communist country how is possible ??? we lock up at 716 per 100,000 of the national population. the US represents about 5 percent of the world’s population, it houses around 25 percent of the world’s prisoners. Thats insanity ! – also the drug war has created an increase in violence, black markets, gang warfare, smarter more clever criminals, less regulated drug products which lead to more deaths. THIS ALL NEEDS TO END. ONLY An INSANE, IGNORANT FOOL would continue this.

3. REAL CHANGE, Real Freedom and Real Help for people that are suffering won’t come from any of these politicians. It doesn’t come from the top down. It comes from the bottom up. More people need to be educated about the truth. More people need to come out of the drug closet like Jeb Bush did last night and say loud and proud who they are , what they did and what it does for them or how it helped them or not. Come Out of the Drug Closet America. Lets be intelligent,have fun and work for to bring about unity and peace together.

shout outs to:  to Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) Reset.Me Erowid Erowid Center Tim Ferriss Jason Silva​ Ethan Nadelmann​ Drug Policy Alliance​ Students for Sensible Drug Policy​ NORML​ Marijuana Policy Project​ Graham Hancock​ #liberty #freedom #tlot

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