A New Hope: Psychedelics, Liberty, And Technology 

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I was enthusiastic and eager to take LSD after reading Steve Jobs biography. In it, Jobs said LSD was one of the most important things he had done in his life” I was completely blown away! My whole life I was lead to believe that only degenerate low life’s and crazy freaky weirdo people take “drugs” like LSD. I thought to myself “if this mega successful innovative, world changing, pioneer is endorsing and praising this “crazy drug” how could it be bad?

How could this man, who I revered, say that the peak of his life experience, that the catalyst for his vision and innovation was all because of this drug. A drug that can land you more time in jail than murder. What did this all mean?

To me it meant that everything I’ve ever been told was wrong. The constructs of reality, that once looked rigid and controlled now appeared to be more malleable. The LSD experience reassured and confirmed the inner knowing that I already had, that there was more to life than meets the eye. It widened my vision, and expanded my consciousness, opening my mind & my heart and connecting me to some bigger than myself type feeling.

I began reading more, exploring more and uncovering and experiencing all kinds of new things. 
I did a lot of research and put more pieces of the puzzle together. I started to look at the history of LSD and how it was created by Dr. Albert Hoffman. I then learned that the Francis Crick the man who discovered the DNA double helix, took LSD. Harvard professors Timothy Leary, Dr. Richard Alpert (now Ram Dass) Ralph Metzner and Dr.Andrew Weil, all well educated Ivy league professors, were using LSD and praising it’s effects in the 1960’s. I found out that studies were done to treat people who were suffering from depression and anxiety and more. I learned that the massive cultural change in the 60s wasn’t just a “hippie movement”  it was a human one. It threw the government for a loop and scared them, because all of a sudden people were “out of control” and unpredictable, pole were having more fun, ore sex and promoting peace and love. why was this bad? it was bad for the Government because it threatened the war machine mentality and as they almost lost control over their loyal tax slaves. After Reading and watching all this stuff I began to ask a lot of questions.  What kind of sick society do we live in where it’s perfectly acceptable to drum up support for war and demonize proponents of peace?  what kind of sick world is this where we lock people in rape cages because they made a decision to alter their own consciousness? 
I was totally convinced now, that everything I was told about the world from the government, from the state run education system, the media and parents (who were well meaning but unknowing) was all bullshit. Everything started to look absurd to me. I couldn’t accept the old world I thought I knew as being real, it wasn’t. I felt like a fish out of water, who for the first time had the power to understand that I am just a fish in water and that there is a whole other world beyond.

“All the world’s a stage”  we are all actors in a play. we are playing the game that the powers that be have established for us. They control the game, and we play in it. But we do not have to accept that. we can get together, especially now with the power of the internet, we can group up and create new games to play.  Drugs helped me realize this. drugs are  just tools, just like anything else. Taking LSD the same thing as using a telescope to see the cosmos.These drugs are tools and teachers for the mind. It is very tragic when you really think about it that these tools for the mind have been kept from us. These experiences were demonized vilified and criminalized. The guardians of approved opinions and the thought controllers didn’t want us to know, because when we know, then we question things, and when you question things you ultimately come to the conclusion that you are more like an animal in a factory farm than a free human being. 
This modern system we have created seems normal to us because it’s all we know, just like the fish in the water. The Fish has no idea that he is in water or even what water is, he simply knows that this is his world and thats all. We put 100 percent faith in our elders to guide us in truth. These people living and existing in the world before us have a hugely important responsibility to show us the way, but unfortunately most of them have been misled and misguided by their elders and so the cycle continues. I want to break that cycle now.The time is here, and I  do not want to pass up on an opportunity to wake people up and to live a better life.  Its now becoming our job to become elders, and I feel I must do whatever it is I can to guide the new generation, and to tell them the truth of the world by passing down wisdom and proper education, with all the tools that this beautiful world has to offer, so that they then can build a better future. I want to encourage others to dream big and work together, towards achieving as close to a utopian society as possible. I mean what the hell else are we living for?  Isn’t that the goal?  Many religious people will say no, that the goal is to get to heaven or some bullshit like that, but to them I say: why bet the certainty of you living existence on a unknown future after death ? you know one thing for sure, you have your life now. why not make it the best possible life ever?  I want to live in heaven right now on this planet. I believe that is possible.

The media propagandists and govt parasites won’t let you even think that that is a possibility. They keep us in the dark, living in a controlled state of fear, so we are dependent on them to show us the way, but they never do. We always think, “Well if we could just get the right people in there, they can change things.” but we can’t, were chasing a carrot on a stick. We have this illusion programmed into us to give that responsibility over to governments, cultures, ideologies, parents, teachers anyone but ourselves. We tend to delegate these responsibilities over to others, but like Frankenstein, we’ve created a monster. The invention of this thing we call ‘authority’ is a carless and hazardous creation. We in fact are the ones in charge and the idea of authority or government is obsolete.

Yet, these ideas somehow are deemed to be radical. why? we say we praise free expression, free speech, and exploration, but when it questions old establishment powers,people have a tendency to be quiet.

We have an obsession with exploring, yet we fear exploring the one place that needs it the most, ourselves. We need to go deeper into inner space because that is the root cause of all that is being manifested into the world. It is our dreams, desires, fears, etc. that are brought into existence by our will. We now have the power to literally change the world by reshaping the foundation of which the world grows out of, our minds. As famed futurist and philosopher Jason Silva beautifully and provocatively puts it ” we are the gods now” so if we allow for the free and total exploration of ideas in liberty, psychedelics and technology we will create a new game and scrap the old model for a new 2.0 solution. “We create our environment and our environment creates us back.”

We constantly seek to upgrade our devices, our phones, our TVs, and computers but why are we not upgrading the most powerful device on the planet, our minds? We need upgrades and I believe those upgrades can come from psychedelics, liberty and technology. We cant begin to see the limitless possibilities because we can not conceive of them standing from the current vantage point we occupy. Albert Einstein was quoted as saying that ” you can not conceive of a solution from the same mind as the one that created the problem” you need to “think outside the box” way outside the box, but we must be allowed to do so. We must have total freedom, which means laws need to be changed. There’s nothing to fear but yourself, and if you can’t control yourself, someone else will. This is a problem because a lot of people still chalk all this talk up to woo woo crazy talk. Its not. Timothy Leary says, ” LSD has been show to show psychotic and paranoid behavior from people who have not taken It.” it cant be explained, it must be experienced. If you want to find out for yourself, just take something and  you’ll find out.

I often reflect on my childhood and remember a time of endless possibility, optimism, magic, curiosity and wonder. Most of us tend to lose these qualities as we enter adulthood but that is only because we cave into the system that is laid out before us when instead we should be challenging it. Out with the old, in with the new. I remember a quote from someone, I Cant remember who but they had lived through the sixties and till now and they said ” a lot of things have happened but not much has changed” and Steve Jobs said ” when you grow up you tend to get told that the world is the way it is and your life is to just live within that and not bash into the walls so much, maybe get a job have a family, save a little bit of money, but that is a very limited life. Life can be much broader once you understand one simple fact and that is that everything you see around you that you call life, was made up by people that are no smarter than you and you can change it you can influence it and you can build your own things that other people can use. You learn that you can poke life that you can push in and something will pop out on the other side, that you can change it and mold it. That’s maybe the most important thing, is to shake off this erroneous notion that life is there and you’re just going to live in it rather than change it and make your mark on it, improve it, and I think once you understand that you’ll want to change life and make it better because life is messed up in a lot of ways and once you learn that you’ll never be the same again.”

The world can be this way, but only when you begin to believe that it can. Sadly most people instead of being guided by the forces of good are raised in a culture of lies. Lied to by propagandist media, parents, schools, and discouraged by defeated pessimistic people living in a constant state of fear, anxiety and depression. All dangling from the tightly tied strings of the puppet masters of the state. 
The laws and the lies we are told by the rule makers are not for our own protection; they care not for our safety but are on the contrary for theirs.

This quote by Terrence McKenna says it all. McKenna says ” psychedelics are illegal not because a loving government is concerned that you may jump out of a third story window. Psychedelics are illegal because they dissolve opinion structures and culturally laid down models of behavior and information processing. They open you up to the possibility that everything you know is wrong.”

And why is this dangerous to the state?  Because once you realize that you are a jedi and that you hold the power of the force, you’re not going to be bullied around and ruled by some dude in suit that thinks he knows what’s best for you and how you should live your life. 
 Psychedelics were a large part of the development of humanity, in pre-Columbian history, when we lived in smaller communities. When we were a part of hunter gather tribes, which is our natural state.  It reminds me of that great Louis Ck bit about god coming back to the earth to see what we did to the planet. “I left food all over the ground for you! Just pick it up and eat it what are you doing!”

We are by nature a people that are always hunting, looking around, improving, learning growing, moving, exploring, expanding and gathering information, recourses, food, etc. We are novelty-seeking beings. We don’t eat the same meal everyday; we don’t wear the same clothes or only communicate with same people.

We are by nature free but the powers that be do not want us to know that. Would you if you were in control? Could you even imagine what that kind of power is like? People talk about dangerous drugs; the most dangerous drug of all is the drug of power, the power to control and rule over others as you see fit. As the late great Jimi Hendrix said, “Only when the power of love overcomes the love of power will the earth see peace”

In todays society were seeing the rise of global, decentralized peer to peer sharing platforms that put the power back in the hands of the individual, where it should be. Steven Johnson talks about this new model of self governance in his book Future Perfect. He essentially makes a case for a libertarian model of society but infused with the sharing and gift giving moral structure of the web, calling it: peer progressivism.

We are self organizing into individuals, with self directed voluntarily interactions for mutually beneficial outcomes with each other, to not only exchange goods and services, but to be the regulators of them as well. The allows for anyone the power to speak up, communicate and interact with each other on a scale that was once unfathomable. We are essentially decentralizing ourselves into local Internet mediated form of governance.

Unifying our species as one will be done through technology, revealing truth, connection and will play to peoples love. It’s much easier to vilify and demonize the other when you have divisive power structures as your middleman, but we humans are all the same and want the same thing. You can see this when you travel, or even through technology like snapchat. Go on snap chat and watch stories from around the world, they’re all filled with life and joy and happiness, people taking pride in their lives and sharing it and we now get to see it. I get to see what a 25 year old dude in Singapore is doing, and hey guess what, he’s just liked me!  That’s the realization. Empathy is said to extend to the point of our vision, “out of sight, out of mind” so often we hear of tragedy around the world but because we don’t see it, we don’t care. Now we have the ability to see everything, brining us closer to the other and connecting us as one human species.You can visually see that we are all the same, and all of a sudden petty differences mean nothing and freedom, liberty and hope for all humanity mean everything. you can feel it in your heart because we are all connected to each other, we are social creatures. its only because of our separation, isolation and disconnection that we suffer illness and diseases like depression and suicide.

Brining the love of the other and the empathy for all humanity in focus will strengthen the bonds of our global band of technologically mediated tribal freedom, expanding our minds and ushering in the next level of evolution, or as Peter Diamandias calls it “live in a world of abundance” That’s not going to come until we scrap the old model and begin a new one. I like the idea from Bruce Lipton about how our perception, how we see the world has huge impact on the kind of world we create. I think if we can alter our perceptions, perhaps through the use of psychedelics or through a psychedelic styled approach, we can then create a sort of cyberdelic utopia.

We are already doing it, through technology, which is in a way a sort of psychedelic experience; we invent things that go beyond the limits of our human capabilities. Were able to see far off galaxies through huge telescopes, were able to send our thoughts across the world in a matter of seconds, these sorts of things are born out of a psychedelic type of mind, however we need to start to apply these ways of thinking to governments. We need to upgrade the software in order to get the optimal maximum results. By changing our minds, we create or manifest a new culture, a new way of looking at the world appears and we can begin to create things that we never thought was possible. I am a proponent of psychedelics because psychedelics revel truth. I think psychedelics give us a high does of intense reality where we can grab things and ideas and bring them back to the physical world and implement them for the betterment of the species.

If human beings were allowed to operate with total freedom, we would not have chaos. We would have an unlimited explosion of ideas and a second renaissance. All of a sudden, the landscape of our minds and our environments begin to change, we start to create a world that is good for all people not just some

We need to have a revolution of consciousness. We need to rid the world of state run power and control and put the power back in the hands of the people. We need to have cognitive liberty, the freedom to chose to alter your consciousness in which ever way you wish, because you own you, and you own your mind, no one else. We must heal ourselves and connect back to the source of life.

We must not let this opportunity pass us by. We must crack through the dirt and break out, blossoming like a young flower coming into the suns rays for the first time. This is it. Because of the Internet we are connected on a global level like never before. The tribal culture is making a comeback. It’s all about small, local, like-minded individuals with the freedom to express them in any way they want coming together to collaborate and innovate and evolve to higher state of being. It’s going to happen and the revolution won’t be televised it will be Podcasted, you tubed and tweeted.

We are told that psychedelics are dangerous because they can make you go mad! And to that I say why is mad? As libertarian historian and author Tom Woods puts it; “our society is constructed in such a way that it is looked at as Heresy to have differing opinions. The most dangerous person to the government is a person who questions authority and thinks for him. That is why “you are shunned from society if you stray from the 3×5 card of allowable opinion ” it is blasphemy and you are crazy. Who do you think you are? You are not an individual human being living on the planet earth, you are a citizen of this great nation, now fall in line citizen!

You will only be permitted to hold these approved opinions that we have laid out for you on this little 3×5 index card. It’s either Chocolate or vanilla; there shall not be any other flavors!!! To do so would be mad, and there would be chaos and anarchy and the earth would “tilt off its axis and going flying into the sun” Don’t you know, good citizen, that if you don’t conform to popular beliefs and opinions you are crazy?”

I have been enlightened, inspired and empowered by Psychedelics, libertarian philosophy, world travel, technology, mediation, music & rave culture which is hugely instrumental in changing the world by uniting a youths across all nations through music & by preaching it’s PLUR doctrine of: peace love unity & respect. The power of all of these things coming together for me made me realize that there is hope for a better tomorrow; there is a brighter future on the horizon. We found the philosophers stone! We must empower the individual to be free, to have knowledge and most importantly encourage people to engage in the undeniable power of having a direct experience. This is a crucial element of existence because you cannot explain an LSD trip or a float in a sensory deprivation tank or the feeling of dancing in a crowd of 100,000 people. You can’t explain, it you can’t intellectualize it, or analyze it. You must only experience it. If you don’t believe me all you have to do is try it. There’s no lies here, no propaganda no tricks like those employed by the old world divisive power structures of superstition and bureaucracy. Just do it and experience it for yourself, It is really just that simple. Then, and only then will you know for sure, because everyone who has these kinds of experiences knows? Many people search for the meaning of life but it’s not about meaning, it’s about experience.as Joseph Campbell says its about the journey. It’s all right here, ours for the taking, right now. Now is all there is as Alan Watts says, “there is no future, there is no past, there is only the moment.” It’s all we really have. Psychedelics are not condemned, demonized as “bad drugs” because our wise overlords are looking out for us but it is because psychedelics incinerate the culturally built up boundaries that society imposes on us. They totally eradicate all the bullshit you were told, all the lies, all the opinions pushed on you. As Terrence McKenna said, “these are boundary dissolving drugs” the only fear of illegal aliens the government really has is not the ones that cross the borders but the ones that tear them down. We live in a wizard of Oz type world where the illusion is of a great a mighty powerful Oz when in fact it’s just a little old man, afraid and scared pulling levers behind a curtain. I say go down your road have courage wisdom and heart and follow your own yellow brick road to the truth. Listen to that little voice inside of you, your intuition your gut whatever you call it. Follow that and only that. Whatever you decide to do, do it with knowledge. We live in the most amazing time where we have power of Internet at our fingertips. Marshal McLuhan said that “the medium is the message”, and to me that means; the medium is the Internet and the message is freedom. Educate yourself, empower yourself. Free your mind body and sprit. 
Once you take a psychedelic using it with the right intention of course in a responsible way (set and setting is key) set being your mindset and setting being the place in which you do it, once you have this experience, nobody can deny what you experienced or challenge you to weather it was real or fake or all in your head or whatever. The thing that does happen to most, if not all people that take psychedelics is that they realize that we are all one and they feel love and connection to everything in existence.

You intrinsically know somehow in the deepest depths of your being that everything is connected and that love is the greatest bliss and the strongest truth in life. Once again, I cannot tell you this. You must only experience it for yourself. I have found great liberation through psychedelics and philosophy, specifically libertarian philosophy that preaches freedom and liberty to the individual. Libertarianism can be explained as; you own your own body, you have the right to do whatever you please with it as long as you do not use force against others. Libertarians pride themselves on the efficiency of their philosophy, but also on the morality of it. Morality is more important for me, like the teachings of peaceful parenting that comes from the central axiom of the non-aggression principle, which states that no one should initiate force against anyone else. No force, no violence, no kidnapping, no slavery. That’s it.

We as free human beings have the right to engage in activities with each other in a peaceful manor. We have the right to choose to voluntarily associate and exchange goods and services with each other and we should do all the again by simply not hurting others and by not stealing from others. It’s really that easy. A simple civilized principle we all were taught as children. 
Throughout history the rule makers of societies have used many things to take away direct experience from the individual, Religion & government being the 2 biggest ones. In fact one could argue that they are in fact the devil in a new dress, or one in the same. Government behaves like a religion. It’s a genius scheme but a scheme it is and that is all. Psychedelics have helped me wake up to the fact that I can make my own rules for my life I am in charge of my body and my mind and I as a sovereign adult have the right to consume or put in whatever I choose to. We must break the rules laid out by the establishment and we must constantly challenge the status quo and push reality in the direction we want, for the betterment of the species.

There are no such things as nations, borders, corporations, governments, and religions. These are all concepts in the abstract. What is real, is human life. The only way to progress is to unite.

Nothing great ever happened by people that followed the rules. As The Great Tom Woods likes to say “Our wise overlords”, the rule makers who make the rules the way they do, do so to keep themselves in power to keep the status quo going, kicking the can down the road passing the baton to the next tyrant, all the while dangling that carrot out just enough so you think that great future is coming, that great big thing… it’s almost here, but Its not, and it never will be.

As Alan Watts said: “ life is like music. The point is not to get to the end of the song, the point is to dance “

We have the power to coexist in peace with each other without some large parasitical leviathan siphoning our souls. Somehow when I was born I knew this all along constantly questioning authority, and always asking why and challenging the status quo. LSD helped Re-affirm this to me by providing me with a deep direct experience. It pulled back the curtains, wiped the frost off the window, it expanding the lens in which I see the world and myself. It gave me the truth directly installed like a software program.

MY generation (the millennial) is the largest generation now; we have passed the baby boomers.   I believe that the revolution is here. More and more people are waking up and realizing that we don’t have to accept the way things are going, that we have the power to change it. You have the power to do it now. Be vocal, come out of the psychedelic closet and express your feelings. The more people we have standing together the better chance we have to take back our world. All you have to do is decide.

Think of life as a game and the object of the game is to win. But what if the object of the game wasn’t to win by defeating everyone with violence, what if the object of the game was to win by uniting everyone through love and peace. Which one is more challenging to do? Is one way more moral than the other? Is one way more efficient than the other?

What if in this game there wasn’t just a few main characters what if everyone was a main character? What if the game was designed for everyone to play? What would that look like? Instead of thinking small and planetary, by only being concerned about conquering each other, what if we united as one? Because if there is intelligent life far superior to us in our galaxy one of the things they could very well be doing is monitoring us to see how we are progressing. Like a baby growing up into a child and then into teens and etc.  The same way in which we evolved, so did they, and they have evolved far beyond us so upon discovering us they would treat us like how we treat our most next of kin: the moneys. Imagine if there were a monkey tribe who right now was evolving before our eyes into cave men, we would be tracking and monitoring them, we may even help them along in the process. The same could be said for us. If we are going to think intelligently about things, we need to escape the confines of religious thinking, government thinking, and planetary thinking and move into the infinite field of universal thinking.

We can make real, radical change on a global scale. We can do it right now. There is a new hope.

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