Paris. Peace. Choice.


My thoughts are with the people of Paris right now. It’s terrible to hear of this sick attack. Many people will demand some kind of retaliation, and I understand that well-justified emotion, but what do we do? The problem with terrorists is that they are like an eight headed hydra, cut off one of the heads and another one sprouts up again.

I don’t know if that is the solution. Paris has one of the most strict gun laws in the west, and still, look what happened. Laws do nothing to protect people. People need to have the freedom and liberty to protect themselves. No law, government, army, etc.. can match the power of every single individual person having the right to protect themselves. But, instead when things like this happen, people want the apparatus of the state to take care of them, rather than take care of themselves.

What would have happened if the people that were attacked last night were armed, and trained to know how to use their arms in the proper way? Why do we give that right up to the state ? Why do they get to be the ones that have a monopoly on violence? Then we, the people get caught in the crossfire like pawns in a game between good and evil. We can do something though. We can make a choice.

Violence should be the absolute last resort, and should only be used in self defense, but unfortunately many people are too immature to understand this. They fear that an armed populous would lead to more violence, however we need to respect each other and have faith in humanity to do the right thing.

We each have the freedom  to make a choice in how we wish to react and retaliate when things like this happen. I think we need to be intelligent, and make the harder choice. Lets not look for solutions from governments – lets create our own solution!  Lets take a walk down the other road for once.

Give peace a chance, give freedom and liberty a chance!  and lets empower individuals to protect themselves and make the right decision.

All I can say is that its easy to be ruled by fear, hate, anger, and retribution. I know from personal experience that going down that path leads to more problems than solutions. And, this is what they want!  They want us to come after them and play their game. Well, humanity has been doing that ever since we stepped out of the caves, and if we keep behaving this way, well destroy each other, and wind up back in the caves. We must learn from our mistakes, otherwise were destined to repeat them. Many people pay lip service to these ideas but do not practice them, but we can’t afford that anymore. We need you to let it in.

Violence is the easiest, most unintelligent, primitive, and barbaric way to get what you want. The problems we face as a human race are not isolated and shallow, they are deep rooted,intertwined and deeply ingrained. Its gonna take more than an”eye for an eye” retaliation. Its gonna take a more difficult approach, wth little to no instant gratification, but eventually, it will produce greater longer term results because we will be addressing the core, fundamental, and actual causes.

Gandhi said “be the change that you wish to see in the world” It starts with you! with me, one step at a time. Its a lot harder, and requires more strength to lead by example, but its more nobel, moral, and ultimately more powerful.

Many Christians in America praise jesus or so they say , but do not live by his teachings. “turn the other cheek” “do onto others as you would have done onto you” etc.. they are the ones who call for blood, just like their enemies do the same. They are stooping to their level, and playing right into their plan. Little do they realize they are the same. We are all the same. We are all human beings occupying this “pale blue dot” in the universe, as Carl Sagan said. We are earthlings.

Anything thats really worth having is more challenging to get, but ultimately its more rewarding when you get it. peace, love, unity, respect, and wisdom are possible,but we’ll never know if we keep acting like an insane, savage bunch of monkeys throwing our shit at each other.

Its not pacifism, its intelligence. Its funny when people talk of intelligent life in the universe, we think they’re coming here and we address them as one, as if its just “the Aliens” We automatically categorize them as one. Why is that ? they don’t say:  “a country of aliens is visiting” because we know, unity equals intelligence and intelligence equals unity.

Ronald Regan, at the U.N. in 1987 said :
“In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world”

I think the outside “Alien” threat we face is more existential. It’s within ourselves, because we all have, each and every individual has, a choice.

Everything you choose to believe, choose to do, say, think, act is all your choice, no one else wields that power over you, otherwise, you are nothing more than a slave.

Our threat is fear, hate, separateness, divisiveness, jealousy, envy etc.. those are all primitive emotions of species that is aware of its own, inevitable demise. As Earnest Becker said ” humans cause evil by wanting to triumph over evil in the quest for immortality” and that our most brutal behaviors are responses to our death anxiety. We have the capacity to ponder the infinite but we are housed in these decaying skin suits.”

We know for sure that we have a life here, in the time we are alive right now, why gamble that on a chance of some belief and in the process cause evil, suffering, horror, pain and anguish in the process. why is that a position to take? what about the position of  trying to love each other now, have fun, enjoy this beautiful world while we have it, and not give ourselves up to dogmatic ideologies and ‘higher forces” of command?

We must wake up and realize that we all have choices and if we chose the right side, the side of morality and true strength, it will radiate into your community and spread. we just have to realize that we are under attack form and Alien Threat, and we can come together and unify as one to fight it, we just have to recognize that, and then choose to do so. Its not simple, its hard, but the the journey is worth it if we wish to BE intelligent  life.

There are no nations, borders religions, corporations, these are all symbols we invented , they are ideas in the abstract and we determine what they mean and stand for. Only when we all understand that we create our own reality, and have a choice,will  we be able to create a better life for all. We must let that choice become a possibility in all of our lives if we truly wish to attain love and peace. My thoughts go out to all those in Paris, people who have family and friends there and that are going through this tragedy.

It has been hard to continue to accept, or be accustomed to the ongoing violence in life. Its unacceptable! Life is happening, and now its not for well over a 100 people in Paris France. That is the most feared outcome for us all, for our lives to end.

We must do as much as we can in whatever way we can to promote peace and love for each other RIGHT NOW! because life is an emergency and we need to tend to it immediately before its over, not just for ourselves but for everyone we can.

Make the choice to do so, because the world does not have to be this way – we don’t have to be pawns in the game of the manipulators, the sociopaths and the psychos.

We can make a choice to take a stand and fight to stand together in solidarity for  peace and love. Don’t be cynical and give in. Terrorism, violence, and fear mongering  belongs to no religion, race, government, mafia, gang,etc.. it comes when fearful people make a choice in where to place blame, what to use to rationalize and excuse their own hateful, & cowardly ways.

They plan to incite terror and spread fear, to have us cower for more protection or “laws” or more war and occupation and killing and death.that doesn’t have to be the road we go down.

We can wake up and stand up and say No, by not choosing to go down the path of fear, to not give in to the terror like the way they want and expect us to. We can make the harder choice and rise above it.

I’ll end on a quote from the new Star Wars Trailer that really resonated with me “The force, its calling to you…Just Let it in”

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