My Response To ‘Mass Shootings: A Gun Owner’s Perspective’

This is the article I am responding to:


Self-defense is of crucial importance to us, and we must be free to defend ourselves in whatever form that may be.
In the distant past, we did not have guns; instead, men would use fists and attack each other. After some time, we evolved to sticks, and clubs, and rocks, and then to more sophisticated, intricate and advanced weapons.

We have escalated our method of violence. However, we have not escalated our method of thinking, and we have not elevated our minds. We are still monkeys throwing shit at each other, except now the shit has hit the fan, and we have reached a tipping point.

We are now living in a time where the great equalizer isn’t a stick, rock, club or knife.It’s devastating weaponry. Is cold hard metal that flys out and rips through bodies. It’s explosive devices that demolishes entire regions. We now have the potential to literally destroy ourselves, our planet and our existence.

The truth is, we live in a sick and insane society, and we are starting to rapidly accelerate the rate in which we cannibalize ourselves. We all have blood on our hands, because of our foolish belief in government to save us.

The problem is that, not only won’t they save us, but they can’t. When I say they, I’m referring to the entire institution as a whole, in the way it is currently set up, not specific individuals, because they always change.

We do not, in fact, live in a society, but instead, we live in a kind of human factory farm.(I’ll touch more on this in a minute) But, first we must entertain the possibility that this could be a reality.

Those of us that are intelligent enough to comprehend this truth, must accept it and learn from it because, we will be the ones that can and must do something about it. We must take action and lead the way, and be the first movers on this so others can learn and follow.

You mentioned banning certain guns because we don’t need them for “self-defense” However, we do need them. We need them because, what if the ones we need to defend ourselves from have greater weapons than us? What if somehow, someway there was no one to call, to come and defend us? Currently, the people that are in uniform to save and defend us are not doing a good job, because they can’t.

The way the protection is set up does not allow for immediate split second action, instead the boy in blue show up to repeated scenes of carnage and mayhem.

People who are motivated to commit violent acts of terror and kill people – if they are wanting and desiring to do so, they will. Moreover, they will always use another ” higher than thou” noble cause, some ideology worth dying for, to justify their actions, and they will always find a way to do what they feel compelled to do. As we’ve seen time and time again, savage violence is carried out no matter the laws. It happens everywhere, in strict gun control countries and gun free zones, no matter what they will get the proper tools necessary to do so either legally or in the black market.There will always be a black market as long as certain things are made illegal. My point is, people will always do what they wish, no matter what.

In the case of fully automatic weapons, again what if we get invaded? What if our government is toppled and overthrown by an outside invading force? What if our military is defeated and our defense weakened and infiltrated? What if it becomes left to the citizens to defend themselves and defend the country? Responsible, intelligent, stable individuals should be allowed after meeting the proper qualifications to own these weapons because they may be our last chance in defending America.

The solution is with you, it’s with us, it is with the people! Deferring to the government does nothing. After all, our government is an institution inhabited by people; they are not wizards with magic powers. They are flesh and blood human beings no smarter than me and you.

However, the institution these “people” occupy grants them “special” privileges.

*I suggest Michael Huemer’s Brilliant book ‘The Problem Of Political Authority’ and Murray Rothbard’s ‘Anatomy Of The State’ they can go deeper into the issue than I can right now. Larken Rose’s book ‘ The Greatest Superstition’ would be good too.

You ended your post by saying:
“So let’s make America great again. You can start by offering feedback to me, or by contacting your employees: Congress men and women. Yeah, those people in those nice parliamentary style buildings. They work for you.”

I will accept your offer and give feedback to you, because you are the one that can affect the most change and have the most impact and by you I both mean specifically you and the general you, as in the individual. We must begin to trust each other again. We must be able to escape the matrix of fear that has been lassoed over our minds and wake up to the fact that most people are good and have the potential to be good and follow their intentions, and that really we have been conditioned to be afraid because we are held hostage like animals in captivity.People become more frightened because animals change in captivity.

*For more on how fear controls us check out Conor Boyack’s book Feardom: How Politicians Exploit Your Emotions and What You Can Do to Stop Them.’

we are animals in cages, and we are lashing out at each other and everything and everyone else.

Here is a quote I found:

“Animals in zoos are forced to live in artificial, stressful, and downright boring conditions. Removed from their natural habitats and social structures, they are confined to small, restrictive environments that deprive them of mental and physical stimulation. While zoos claim to provide conservation, education, and entertainment, their primary goal is to sustain public support in order to increase profits.” – from

We are the animals in the zoo! Once we can wake to that, then we can begin to live in love based world, not a fear based one, that caters to our most primitive area of our brain: The amygdala’- the place that is heightened to detect danger. That is how we survived and evolved. So because that ability is so good, it’s easy to manufacture a society in danger. A society in danger can be saved. A society in danger has an enemy, and when you have an enemy, you can have heroes. Heroism, not in the true sense but in the false egotistical sense. The one that damaged, delusional people like psychopaths and sociopaths clamor for.

Think about how many shootings, mass shootings, school shootings, terrorist attacks, etc.. have happened since Sandy Hook, (I don’t know why that’s the metric they use) what about since Columbine in 1999(it has to be well over 500 right ?)

The inaction of the government is because of the compartmentalized bureaucratic processes of debate, deliberation, red tape, and differing opinions that just leads to stagnation and inaction, as we’ve seen. Why must everyone be forced to be subjected to this? Why can’t those of us who choose to do so, be free to protect ourselves in any way we can?

Why are we the people standing by and allowing this to happen? Why must we stand by and watch as horror repeatedly strikes, over and over and over again? Why do we have to beg the government to protect us? Why do we have to have this debate too many times? Why not arm ourselves and protect ourselves and possibly avoid this disaster of terror and senseless death to happen again? Why?

The people who have made the decision to murder other people have already made that decision, they are not going to be stopped by and idea. A law is just an abstract idea; it does nothing in reality.

For example, let’s just say that a law was passed to ban all guns (or just the specific guns you mentioned) like Donald Trumps Ludacris plan to go around the country door to door deporting immigrants, the same absurdity can be applied to going door to door to collect guns. It is unrealistic.

Then again, just say that was to happen. It would only be fair, equal and just to then ban the manufacturing and exporting and importing of those guns.We would need to spend a great deal of money, time and resources making sure these guns did not become available, which would entail us to employ more men with guns to go looking for the other men with guns. Somehow, guns will need to be made and sold to police and military, and thus, inevitably slip into the black market and into the hands of a person who wants to kill. It is not going to work.

But maybe our wise overlords should lead by example? You know and behave like the responsible parental-guardian like figures that we entrusted them to be. The United States of America is home to 8 of the largest weapons manufacturers in the universe. Weapons and war and death and destruction and violence are an MULTI-TRILLION dollar industry.

So, instead of us being the target of stricter laws, on the contrary, they must come together and lead by example and set the trend. After all these wonderful, wise people that you say “work for us” are supposed to be politicians, they are supposed to engage in civil diplomacy. They are supposed to be intelligent and work things out with deals, and negotiations. Violence is supposed to be the absolute last resort, yet it remains to be the other way around. Violence is the first resort.It’s shoot first and then defend, and justify your actions later.

This has an imprint that affects the society at large. This has a ripple effect that engulfs the nation. When intelligent people begin to open their hearts and minds and wake up from the fear that only lives in themselves, then we can be to respect each other more, and treat each other with dignity in a humane way.

We are held in captivity, in a zoo, where more and more restrictions and rules are thrust upon us year after year decade after decade, the century into the century.

America was once a beacon of light for the rest of the world, a bastion of freedom and unheard of, unprecedented industry. Our growth to a world power is the shortest rise to prominence in world history. We single-handedly invented the future, by living in a land that respects the primacy of the individual, that was truly free, and that stood for liberty. We grew spiritually, intellectually, industrially and technologically, however that growth has been shrinking. Yes! We have computers in our pockets more powerful than the computer that sent the astronauts to the moon in 1969, but do we have a peaceful, non-violent society? Do we have a love based world of trust and car? No! Because we have had 100+ years of government expansion and growth and due tot hat we have had problems in all sectors of society that drive people to madness. Animals in Captivity go mad.

How do you make money in a government that does not expand? Everything needs to expand after all to grow right? However, that was the most important concern among the founders. in the 10th amendment, they enacted states rights with nullification, because they knew any abuse of power on the federal level must be kept in check by the state. Checks and balances were a good idea; we just need every single person to check and balance, and not to give that power away.

Over time, the state became corrupted as well. This idea of government is old and outdated. Our illusionary democracy was yet another attempt to establish a land of free people, and yet again good intentions turned south. So, these politicians can not save us, God can not save us, what are we to do? Who must we rely upon?

The answer is: We must rely on ourselves. If you don’t see the world like I do and Know that government is a gang and the source of most of our problems, then maybe you would prefer a solution that would keep a small government that could implement a system that can train individuals to use weapons to defend themselves? Maybe we can have a citizen training program where responsible intelligent peace loving respectful people can apply to a training program for defense? And then have the right to carry a weapon in public in case of an attack. It sounds scary to most, but unfortunately, it has gotten to the point where we all need to accept the fact that we need a tool to help us. We need an equal level of defense to level the playing field. Just look at the countries that own nuclear weapons. We try very hard to get along with them because we both know if it ever came to it we could end the world. The same goes for everyone having guns. Guns are today’s great equalizer. People need to be less fearful and begin to get more familiar, comfortable and less afraid of guns.

That is the problem! After all, for most people who oppose guns and want stricter gun laws. They simply have never been exposed to guns, are not familiar with them and are afraid of them.People fear the unknown, and more than that, people fear the unknown especially when the unknown is linked to violence and death, and it is broadcasted and blasted into our brains 24/7

There are 40,000 gun deaths a year, the same amount as automobile related deaths. So the same amount of people are killed by cars as guns. are we afraid of cars? Do we have a war on cars? Do we demand to ban cars/ do we say Elon Musk is evil or Toyota or Ford? No, we don’t! so, why do we do it with guns?

The answer: The media and political class.

It can not be up to them; it must be up to us. We need to take the power back to the individual. Once the individual gives up his power to some abstract higher other that is supposed to take care of him/she – we then lose the right to take care of ourselves, more and more and more until we become not like zoo animals, but like neutered domestic house pets that willing fully accept their own servitude.

The gun problem is a government problem. It is a government problem because they are the ones who use the most guns whether it’s by the military, police or subsidizing the weapons manufacturers, selling them to foreign nations or eh hem … (a cough cough) exchanging them for hostages as Reagan did or giving them to radical regimes to do our bidding and protect our global interests, only to then later have these “moderate rebel” groups turn on us and attack us.

It is their responsibility to be the grown up and lead by example. Stop giving subsidies to weapons manufacturers, greatly reduce the size of the military, stop feeding life into Randolph Bournes quote of: ” War is the health of the state”.

Leave all of our bases overseas and bring our young men and women home to protect the homefront. We can not be the police of the world. If we want to launch crusades for humanity, we can only show a horse to the water, we can’t teach them how to drink.the best we can do is show other people in the world in distress how to defend themselves too, but we should only train them, and if needed provide them with basic defense technology and weapons and then leave them be.

We should not stay and occupy and set up camp; we should leave, or we should arrange to train in a neutral location in a 3rd party nation and then send them on their way. We bring our boys and girls home, and we lead by example. We focus on a strong defense. We focus on real education, and wisdom and love and respect for each other.

We will become a land of free people who are not scared and terrified and living in captivity. We must restore freedom and liberties, nd empower the individual. We should concentrate on better education, restore true voluntary free markets, without coercion and force.

Take them back from crony capitalism and from a corrupted oligarchy/plutocracy! If we can restore the right to the individual to have cognitive liberty and to own his/her own mind, body and spirit – If
we can respect wisdom, reason, and logic, and invest in building up the primacy of direct experience to the individual; then we will begin to see real change.

People must win back the right to control their own minds, to decide what kinds of substances they use and don’t use, then we can avoid any sort of ‘1984’ ‘Brave New World type of scenario where we are under total control physically and more importantly, chemically and mentally.

That is what could potentially be at stake in a number of different scenarios from within our own country or from an outside threat. We may put so many resources into education instead of war and weapons that we may even use discover a way to eliminate violence and evolve to a higher level of intellect, and maybe, just maybe we would attract the best minds in the world that would be inspired to be great and move the earth. They may come here like they once did and do amazing things.

They might invent the future one more time, and may continue to do so until who knows where we can go? The sky isn’t the limit; your belief system is. all you have to do is believe you can. When I say you I mean you specifically and the general you. We can do it. If we make a choice to go down the dark side or the light.

The dark side leads to fear, hate suffering, but the light is the true warriors path. We must focus our minds and be present, be in the moment and as I have been paraphrasing Yoda from star wars I’ll end on a direct quote. When Luke Skywalker in Empire strikes back fails to use the force to lift his ship out of the swamp, he tells the Jedi master Yoda” he can’t do it because it’s impossible” Yoda then uses the force, and in a magical moment defying all odds,he completely blows Luke’s mind, lifts the ship out of the water and move sit to the ground. Luke amazed and dumbfounded says” I don’t believe it” Yoda solely and sincerely says “ That IS why You fail” we all must believe. We all have a choice, and we can choose to believe what we do.

If we believe we have no choice, then we are slaves, destined for doom, only with a hope of escape. Why should we gamble on a hope, why not make the change ourselves? all we have to do is choose to believe that we can.Chose to believe that one person can make a small change and that can have a ripple effect. Let it in! and as the famous saying goes “be the change you want to see in the world.”

what will this take?

It will take people taking matters into their own hands. It will take people disobeying the law and behaving in the civil, respectable nonviolent matter in which they normally would behave but without the threat of the law looming in the background. Nonviolent people could switch to violent people at any time, that is why we must do the two things I stated above:

1).have the liberty and freedom to protect ourselves.2.) to have cognitive sovereignty or liberty over our own minds, the freedom to choose what we consume, how we alter our consciousness, etc.. and to stop being the world police occupying, selling weapons, manufacturing them, etc.. (perpetuating the cycle. Bring our troops home and focus on defense and wisdom. Like who? You guessed it another star wars reference – like a Jedi. The guardians of peace, the warrior poet figures.

We have many areas to attend to, and it will be a long process, but not as long as you think. You will be surprised how fast and efficient free minded people in a land of liberty can get things done.
As I stated earlier, those of us that are intelligent enough to comprehend this truth, accept it and learn from it will be the ones that can and must do something about it. We must take action and lead the way, and others will learn and follow.

We must understand that just because certain people that we have given authority to are no different than you and I . Just because they wear fancy clothes and disguise their motives infancy high-sounding rhetoric and wear uniforms and have badges and get worshiped on daily basis and promulgated and promoted by the media, once we accept that fact we can heal our sick society and correct the course of doom to the course of peace,only then will we have a chance of a redemption and be able to see and build a resolution to the bloodshed.

Any supposedly great Empire that has existed and that has become revered in history books is nothing to hang onto. They have all failed. Either imploded from within or attached from outside. Societies that had a decentralized, non-hierarchical peer-peer community-based tribe culture with liberty and freedom to the individual has flourished and changed the world, only to get beaten down by the inevitable leviathan of centralized power that births itself out it. It starts noble but ends unjust, corrupt and broken. We must correct his error id we want to live in a free world of love and peace. We’ve created a monster, and we need to deal now with it, all of us. This is not a comic book evil plot; this is real, and it is more so simply just the banality of evil in which we are all complicit in and have become conditioned to be accepted as the norm, but it doesn’t have to be this way.We can all make a choice to do what’s right and engage in civil disobedience if need be. It has happened before, and great revolutions came and changed things, and we evolved and grew. We can do it again. We can put an end to this nonsense and get back to work on inventing the future.


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