If you really want to support the troops (Memorial Day)



If you really want to support the troops, it takes more than nice words, yellow ribbons, and American flags. It takes speaking truth to power & taking a stand!
There’s nothing more sacred than human life. We all have the opportunity to live ones filled with peace, happiness & pleasure.
This Memorial Day, remember that. Remember that every single human being on this planet has a life they value, just like you! They have family and friends that they love & love them, just like you.The things that divide us are arbitrary illusions enforced by power hungry institutions that don’t value your life and that don’t love you.They can’t! They are imaginary concepts.They’re only as real as we believe them to be. There are no such things as nations, borders, states, religions, corporations, etc.. These are just ideas. Some with good intentions, but ideas nonetheless.
In reality, There are only people. People that sacrifice their individual intellect and give themselves up to a “higher cause” but those groups, even those with the noble intentions, are capable of great harm. They often create nasty divisiveness that leads to solving problems with the fist rather than the mind.
This Memorial Day, think about how you can play more of an active role in extending the love you share for your friends and family to others too.
If you really want to support the troops, then stand up for them! Let’s fight for them for a change !
STOP sending your hard earned tax dollars ($600 billion a year spent on the Military ) to the unloving government machine that senselessly & needlessly sends young men and women to become scared for life, traumatized, injured, wounded & killed in hellish environments across the globe.
Obama won a Nobel Peace prize and yet presides over the longest wars in American history. More than any other U.S. President!
Obama has approved military action in seven countries! There’s Iraq and Afghanistan, of course. There’s also Libya, Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen. Just recently, Obama announced that he will commit 250 Special Forces troops to war-torn Syria. The change that fooled us all was no change at all, from Bush to Obama there’s no difference, and sure to be true for next president too.
I’m not speaking out against our men & women in uniform as the government would like you to believe by denouncing anyone with anti-war rhetoric as “unpatriotic” No! On the contrary, I speak for the value of their lives, and the lives of the innocent people that may get caught in the crossfire game of world Domination plotted & planned by cowards In suits, behind desks, who would never in a million years go themselves or send their sons or daughters.
We can do something to change this. War is the most important issue of our time. We can either stand by and continue to behave like barbaric, savage monkeys throwing shit at each other, fearful & afraid of the unknown other, or we can start WAKING UP!
Start speaking up and speaking out to support our troops by keeping them here, and bringing them home to defend the people we love here in our nation that we call home.
Stop being complacent with perpetual war, violence & death. We don’t want our people to be sent abroad to invade, occupy & wreak havoc on others for the interests of the cowardly, fear mongering war hawk plutocrats in D.C.

And support alternative methods of healing by supporting the legalization of marijuana & other psychedelics that have the almost magical powers to help our veterans heal from the suffering of the horrors of war we now call PTSD.
They need our love today. Spread the love & denounce the fear & hate.

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