Welcome To The Machine


Despite all his flaws, everyone always seems to swoon over that smooth talking, southern charming Bill Clinton. This is a man who is a serial womanizer and as many woman have alleged, a serial rapist. He was a president who publicly lied to the entire country about cheating on his wife. He has been accused of sexual assault and sexually harassing multiple women and making unwanted sexual advances toward them. But when he speaks for his wife on the campaign trail, that all falls by the wayside. 

It’s funny to me how little we care about truth, facts, and reality. To me, it’s both funny and scary to witness his hypnotic oration. Appearances are everything in our culture, But in the face of bullets, it’s also about how you can spin it. The Clintons Know this better than anyone in politics today. The power of persuasion is their aim. With charm, charisma, humility, nonverbal cues, body language, and aesthetics. Bill “Slick Willy” Clinton and his Protege Barrack Obama, are master manipulators.

Terence Mckenna once said. “The syntactical nature of reality, the real secret of magic, is that the world is made of words. And if you know the words that the world is made of, you can make of it whatever you wish.”

Welcome To The Show

We all get starry-eyed at the show. We love the show. The theatricality of it, the drama, the gossip. We love it. Behind the show, is the machine. Like a beautiful sports car, a Ferrari or Lamborghini. But what happens when you strip it all away? The paint, the parts, the doors, the windows, the leather seats. What remains? What is it when you rid it of the shiny exterior?

It’s just a machine.

That is politics. That is Government. That is life. That is how the few control the many. The Theatricality. The Glitz. The glamor. It’s got it all, but underneath is the machine. The machine does not care about you or anyone. Once it switched on, It only functions. That is it. Until it either dies or is switched off.

From one president to the next, they pass the baton, all with the same agenda. Keep the machine running. Feed it. Grow it. Make it Stronger. That’s the Mission. Everything else is an illusion. Like a magic show. Everything else is a slight of hand. They serve the same master. The Machine grinds the souls of humanity through it. Republicans and Democrats each taking a turn at turning the lever.

Don’t believe me? Don’t take my words for it. Listen to Bill Clinton’s Hero, Carroll Quigley. Quigley was an Oxford Professor and Author of the book ‘Tragedy And Hope: A History of The World In Our Time’. Listen to how he explains the show:

“The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies… is a foolish idea. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can throw the rascals out at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy. Then it should be possible to replace it, every four years if necessary, by the other party which will be none of these things but will still pursue, with new vigor, approximately the same basic policies.”

It’s a scam man! — It’s The system Man! It’s the man man!

Sometimes I want to yell at people. I want to grab them by the arms and shake them around and yell in their face “what’s wrong with you?” “why do you believe the shit they tell you?” “WAKE UP!”

I guess, I just get frustrated and angry because I know we can do better. We didn’t have a choice. None of us had a say in where we were born, how we were raised and by who. We didn’t have nay control over the things that happened to us and shaped us as children. We are in quite the predicament in this thing we call life.

We were “Born into this” as Charles Bukowski’s Beautiful and raw poem says.

We all showed up, and the party was already going on. There was a game happening and the there is a certain set of rules, and then we showed up. Maybe we can change the game. Some people just can’t see that happening. They can’t imagine another alternative to what currently is and what has existed. They’ll say things like “ it is what it is” or “we just need to get the right people in there.” Blind to the true nature of the system we live in. These are the same people that get all worked up and swoon over leaders to make changes for them. Some angel politician is going to swoop in and save them. It’s laughable and sad. They think they don’t have power, so they give their power away. They Give it away to other fallible, self-interested human beings we call “leaders.”

These are the people that crack me up the most. The people that are so worried about Trump getting elected president. Even the anti-Hillary people (which I am). Same thing. “ Oh no, what if Hillary is elected” Oh no what if Trump is elected.”

Like if Trump gets elected, We’ll be living in The Hunger Games the next day.

No! That’s not the way the show operates. That’s not how the machine functions. The established order of power isn’t worried that Trump will get elected and ruin things for us. They’re worried that he will get elected and ruin things For Them! He’s a bit of a wild card, and they fear they may not be able to control him.

Just look at who the establishment favors in the history books. All presidents that served the established power. Presidents who play by the establishment’s rules don’t make changes for the good of the people. They make changes under the guise of doing good for the people. Underneath lies the real agenda. That is that the rich get richer, and power and control expand for the elites. That is what their job is. They are in a way, the world’s best salesman, or actor (i.e. Ronald Regan).

The ones that refuse to play by the rules get shot with a magic bullet in a convertible car in Texas. That is the reality of it. But always keep in mind, that the people in charge are just people. Fallible, corruptible people, motivated by self-interest just like you and me. Some good. Some bad. Some are a bit of both. Some true believers. Some evil sociopaths. But, the good news is, we don’t need to play with them. We can change the game.


Please Wake up. Because the real shit that is ruining our country is going on all day 24/7 beyond the headlines, beyond the superficial hype, beyond the illusion. This is the truth. Do with it what you wish. Just go online and do some research. Read, connect and converse with others. Find the Others. We have this amazing way to send and receive information, knowledge, and wisdom to each other. (The Internet) Let’s use it, before its too late. Never has there been a better time in world history than now, so ripe for people to rise and overcome bad situations.

We take this for granted. This is what the great thinkers of all time were searching for: “The Philosophers Stone” This is it. It is here.Oppressed societies in the past would’ve killed for this.

The agenda for the next four years is already set or in the works, and You and I are not a part of deciding the outcome.

It is hilarious to me to watch as people work them up into hysteria about who gets elected.

Don’t get fooled by the illusion. Like I said and will continue to keep saying again and again until people understand. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton may seem different, but they’re not. There is no meaningful difference between them. They do not stand for our most cherished American values of freedom or liberty. They are not for individual rights and non-aggression. They are both authoritarians. Trump and Clinton both support the military-industrial complex, the federal reserve, deficits, entitlements, and spying.

The mainstream media has their hooks in you. They’re playing you for a fool. Don’t fall for it. That what they want. In my lifetime, there has been no meaningful difference in who is president. From Reagan to Obama. They are all the same. They all pass the baton to the next New World Order lackey. The real people in control are the people that we never see. The people that do not get elected. I’m talking about something much deeper, beyond the Beltway of the D.C. show.

The playbook here in the states is not so out in the open. America began with the intention of trying something that’s never been done before. A new system of government. One that learned from the mistakes of the past thousands of years of empires and rulers. And what happened? Just like everything else. It starts off with good intentions, but it inevitably becomes corrupted. Why ? because no one can or should be able to wield such great power. Like a new car driving off the lot, the respect for the value of limited government and liberty fell. In my opinion, it happened the second the ink dried on the constitution. We created another monster for the history books. Our fate is yet to be determined. Now, the government is so big; we even have 2nd and 3rd governments. Shadow governments if you will.

The Moving Parts Of the Big Machine

It’s called “The Deep State.” It is a wide web of powerful elites that stems from D.C. like the roots of a tree, deep underground and interconnected. Author C.Wright Mills called them; “The Power Elite.” This Deep State of Power Elites functions as a parasitic network of independent entities. They work together using coercion, competing and collaborating at the expense of the citizens.

They have bland and boring names, operate in bland and boring buildings and are often right in front of us. Right under our noses. They’re not laughing manically in a hollowed out volcano lair like Dr.Evil. No. Why? Because they do not think they are evil. The view our media portrays is that of a comic book villain doing evil for evil’s sake. That’s a crazy person who kills people and eats their skin. I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about mass delusional evil. People that are so high on themselves, they think they know how to shape the world and rule it. They think they are better than others, and their vision for a better world is the correct one. They will achieve it at whatever means necessary because that is what they see the “point” of life to be. The end game is to dominate and control. That’s what they think winning is. Victory.

The players in the Deep State are front and center to the elites game of world domination. It is a combination of competitive and collaborative agencies, departments, contractors, sub-contractors, and so on. It includes “charities” and foundations like The Clinton Foundation. It includes top media executives, heads of major corporations, and Ivy League professors. And of course, there is the CFR, Homeland Security, CIA, NSA, The Pentagon, FEMA, FBI, The FED, and the banks. This is the real government. This is the real power in this world. This is the real enemy. This is the real crusher of souls and Destroyer of Dreams. This is the ruiner of the great and noble experiment of a society for and by the people. We allow this to exist. We buy into the distraction, and they get away with literal murder.

They are the ones in charge. They have always been in charge. They will continue to be calling the shots. As long as all their illusions hold up, and people buy in.

What Are The Illusions?

It’s not seven white men in the smokey room with reptile aliens sitting at the edge of the flat earth. No. It’s not as interesting as some of those conspiracy crazies want you to think. It’s pretty bland and boring.And that is the genius part about it.

They make things long and complicated on purpose. Bills and Laws are boring, and filled with all sorts of legalese and confusing language. They want to keep you away! They do not want to draw too much attention. They want to make it seem dull and uninteresting. They want to create a diversion and cause a distraction. They drum up fear and paranoia and create apathy, complacency, and disillusionment.

They THRIVE off of YOU being weak and giving in!. They want you to be so turned off and checked out, that you won’t even attempt to peek over at what they’re doing. That’s why bills like the patriot act and the affordable care act are so long.

Many people dismiss this stuff as, wait, hold on. Trigger warning! Crazy-scary word coming *** conspiracy***.

I mean, what it is? Are you afraid to admit that this is the nature of the world we live in? Is it too shocking for you to imagine that this is the real world? Did you think that we live in the government fairy tale that we all learn about in elementary school? The state-sanctioned version where our government is the hero. They are depicted as a bunch of good hard working people trying to do the right thing. Lol. Is it so far out there to imagine that maybe powerful people get together and make plans to stay in power? Is it so hard to believe that Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Barrack Obama don’t give a shit about you? They don’t care about us. We’re peons to them. They laugh at us for how much we go along with their bullshit. We are petty pawns on their chess board. It doesn’t have to be that way.

People do bad things, duh! Why would we allow them to be at the controls of a machine that can do a lot of bad things? Don’t you think the people with the keys to the most power and control are going be prone to abusing it? And maybe they will be the ones that will do the worst things?
If you agree to this, then t is not so unreasonable to imagine these people getting to together. I mean, we all do this in our lives to some extent. We all make sure we negotiate and plan and place ourselves in positions for success. So, just magnify that and put it on people in government and corporations and banks, etc.. They do the same thing.

Come on guys.  Wake up already! We need more of you to be awake. To be on our side. The side that just wants to live in a world of peace. It is possible. It’s not possible if you don’t think it is possible. The minute, no the second, you change your perception, the world changes. That is because you are your world. You live in a world created by your belief. Your beliefs are the only things that limit you.

We Are All The Same

As The great Bill Nye The Science Guy said in his commencement speech at Rutgers University in 2015:

“Along with the evidence of common sense, researchers have proven scientifically that humans are all one people. We’re a lot like dogs in that regard. If a Great Dane interacts (can we say interact?) with a Chihuahua, you get a dog. They’re all the same species. Same with us. The color of our ancestors’ skin and ultimately my skin and your skin is a consequence of ultraviolet light, of latitude and climate. Despite our recent sad conflicts here in the U.S., there is no such thing as race. We are one species — each of us much, much more alike than different. We all come from Africa. We all are of the same stardust. We are all going to live and die on the same planet, a Pale Blue Dot in the vastness of space. We have to work together.”

The only things that divides us our cultural constructs implemented to change our behavior. It is the people that are most afraid that we let rule us. The egomaniacs and the psychopaths and sociopaths who need to control and dominate others. Their Subconscious motivator is the fear of their humanity. They fear the limitations of the physical body. They fear their “creatureliness” as Earnest Becker says. They fear their inevitable demise. Thier own mortality. So, they “act out” in hostility to their fellow man and their environment. They need to show that they have some semblance of control. So, they do what is easiest. Lie, cheat, steal, murder, torture, and oppress. They need to dominate the other because they are afraid because they do not understand it. People fear what they do not understand. It is only natural. Our flight or fight response goes off, and we become stressed. This only used to happen in the presence of predators.

Now, we have created a world of predation. That is why we have so many diseases. This is why our world is sick, and we are eating each other. The dominator culture has been the only game in town for some time now, but we are evolving. A shift in consciousness is happening. Our brains are changing, and we are becoming more aware. We are becoming more intelligent and advancing past barbaric fear and tribalism. We still have a long way to go, but were on that path.

They need to dominate the other because they are afraid because they do not understand it. People fear what they do not understand. It is only natural. Our flight or fight response goes off, and we become stressed. This only used to happen in the presence of predators. Now, we have created a world of predation. That is why we have so many diseases. This is why our world is sick, and we are eating each other. The dominator culture has been the only game in town for some time now, but we are evolving. A shift in consciousness is happening. Our brains are changing, and we are becoming more aware. We are becoming more intelligent and advancing past barbaric fear and tribalism. We still have a long way to go, but were on that path.

This idea has been popping up throughout the story of humankind. Sometimes we crucify it, kill it, burn it, but it keeps coming back.

Why? Because that is our natural state. That’s why. And, Because “nothing can stop an idea whose time has come.”

If we let silly things like who is going to be the president affect our lives, we are losing! We are giving our individual power away to THEM! to the bullies.

The bullies power will weaken when enough people realize that there are less of them than there are of us. We outnumber them. Google “Larken Rose — Tiny Red Dot.”

The shitty shit that is happening in your life can reduce a great deal by just doing one simple thing. Stop listening to them. Stop going along. Stop allowing this to happen to yourself and your fellow man. If you care. The reason why these worms can get away with so much is that they have engineered a culture that works for them. Just enough people tune out and don’t pay attention. It is the most sophisticated and advanced form of enslavement ever created. It’s pretty damn genius when you stop to think about it.

The old model of the “out and open” authoritarian rule is over. North Korea wouldn’t work here because our country was born out of Liberty, just 300 short years ago. We are not out of the woods yet. We could move to a North Korean level of oppression. They can’t do it overnight. The only way they can is by taking advantage of or creating a catastrophic or devastating event. Crisis always allows them to seize more power. As former White House chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel has said. “ Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

Instead, the erosion of freedoms and liberties happens over time. So, each new generation is like a fish in water under the new rules. They can’t imagine a different reality. That is how the few control the many. That is the slow churning of the wheel that grinds the people up in the machine.

It’s Our Show (We Are The Stars Of Our Movie)

I always thought the disconnect between film and reality was strange. I’m not talking about the effects. I’m talking about the message of the story. The message is always one of freedom, peace, liberty and justice. For Example, In movies like Star Wars, The Hunger Games, or Gladiator. We always root for the underdog, and against the power structure, yet in real life, we cower.

We root and cheer for the rebels and the resistance. We cheer for justice and freedom! In real life, we root, support and vote for the same type of people who would be the bad guys in those movies. The government. The Empire. Why is that? Why can’t we see that message is not a fairy tale, but more true and real than anything?

You are more powerful than you could ever imagine. “You are the hero in your own movie”, as Joe Rogan says. Be that. Do that. We need you.

Things can change for the better if we are willing to believe in ourselves. If we are willing to believe they can, they will. It starts with you. It’s that simple.

The government can only get away with what we allow them to get away with. Things are shitty because we let them be shitty. If we everyone woke up tomorrow and decided that they didn’t want to pay their taxes. Guess what? No more IRS. No more stealing your money. No more spending your money on 7 trillion dollar planes to drop bombs on little girls in Syria.

I can’t do this on my own, and neither can you. We can change the world. We can. I’m not trying to sell you anything. I’m not trying to drop some new age bullshit on you either. Like if we all sit in a circle and meditate together, magical things will change. Or if we chain ourselves to the gate of the white house and make out with trees that poof! Wolrd Peace! No no no. There’s never going to be world peace. There’s never going to be a total utopia. I don’t know I won’t say never. Maybe one day we’ll all evolve into perfect luminous beings. Maybe we will just dematerialize and shed our physical bodies? Maybe we’ll all turn into stars in the sky? Existing as harmonious light entities or something. I don’t know, and neither do you. Anyway, we are far from that, so let’s focus on what we can do now.

What we can do now is take advantage of the miracle that is the internet. Do research. Learn. Shut off the TV. Shut it off! Stop exposing yourself to mind-numbing trash. Stop spending hours on snap chat and Instagram and open up a book. Watch a lecture on TED or YouTube. Listen to a podcast. I have learned more in the seven years I’ve spent out of school than all the years I spent in school combined.

Just to go back to the internet for a second. Do you realize the size of this thing we are all immersed in? You have to stop for a minute and step outside of it. Go a few days without it. Then Come back. Try to see it with fresh eyes. From an observer’s perspective. Then, you can appreciate and understand the full scope of what is taking place in our lifetime right now.

Remember, our lives are right now. Right now. Right now. Not some time in the past. In our memories. Not some distant, abstract “someday” or “when I get x” NO! Life is NOW. Let’s go!

The Damm has burst open! The water is rushing through!!! its up for grabs, get it!

It’s like the movie Mad Max Fury Road.

A warlord dictator controls the people because he controls the limited supply of water. He rules over these people, and they worship him because now and then he gives them a little water.

So just replace the water with information and boom! Hello! Here we are. That is how the world functioned since the dawn of civilization. Not anymore, though. Not anymore. Now the water is everywhere. There is no one person that controls the supply. Information is power. The more people are informed, the less likely it will be for the dominators to take advantage of us. It’s an equalizer.

This year, it’s the election, and I know we are all supposed to think that it means a lot, and it’s important. Blah Blah Blah. We are supposed to care that Hillary being a woman is so significant, and everything will change. I mean, think that if you want. Whatever makes you happy but it’s just a fancy show. It’s a turd of shit with gold sparkles glued on it.

The “Historical” Hillary Thing

First off, Fuck History!

Ok, maybe not fuck history. But let’s not be lured in by the statist/ power elites version of it. So, great she’s a woman. Yes, that is Historic for our time. Yes, that is good. Yes, Women should be presidents and whatever they want. Yes yes yes of course.

But why should we care about the ruling powers version of history? The answer is, we shouldn’t. Ruling Empires rely on tradition and stories of legendary “historic” moments to get us to do what they want us to. It is a clever trick to make people buy into the “greatness” of the government that they think they are a part of. But, the history of humanity goes well beyond our small 200+ year history.

In hunter-gather tribes, women were in positions of great power and commanded respect. Fuck Civilization. Forget about your bullshit “Historical Moment” These are all tricks used to manipulate you. Don’t fall for it.

But, because America is electing a woman. It matters more for some reason. It doesn’t matter what woman. As long as it is a woman, we can check the little box that says progress. We can give ourselves a gold star and feel like we did something “ Historic.”

My point is, gender, race, religion, whatever you want to choose. It’s all superficial symbolic nonsense hyped up to mean more than it does. If you want to talk about the reality of the situation, cool, let’s talk. But, if you want just to wave a flag and say “I’m with her” take a walk into the ocean and don’t come back!

Barrack Obama was the first black president. What has he changed just by simply being a black man? What has he accomplished solely due to the color of his skin? What has he done to help the black community? His Community. What has he has done? What exactly has Barrack Hussein Obama accomplished with his race alone? What has he done for black folks ? You could make a strong case that he has actually done more harm than good. There has been more racial division on his watch. More police brutality. More shakedowns. More kidnappings. More locking up men in cages, and more deaths of blacks at the hands of cops. What Has The so-called Leader of the “free” world done for his brothers and sisters ? A Historic 8 years of the first Black president in American History. A country birthed on the backs of African Slaves, and guess what? His race did absolutely nothing for his Black America. Such a huge let down.

So my question is, what will Hillary Clinton’s gender do? What will simply being a woman actually do for women?
We already know Hillary is no feminist. She is no friend of women, so her case is even worse. She has taken millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia, a country that stones women to death in the streets. A country where women, girls, and gays are tortured, beheaded and crucified. Murdered and degraded for being themselves and wanting to have equal rights. And It doesn’t end there either. Hillary has received money from 7 Middle Eastern countries. Countries whose policies are opposites to the ones she claims to represent. In other words, they ain’t too friendly to women either.
She is on tape laughing at how when she was a lawyer, she got her client off for raping a 12-year-old girl. When Bill Clinton came under fire for his extra material affairs, what did she do? She attacked the women making accusations against him. She intimidated and threatened them to back down.

And this is the feminine hero we should be happy about electing? This is THE woman?

So, you made it this far through the long tangential ranting and raving and preaching of this letter. How am I going to end it now?. With a big message urging you to get off your ass, run to the window stick your head out and scream “I’M MAD AS HELL AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!” My anger and frustration with the world is clear. But, Screaming at people to wake the fuck up and change isn’t going to do anything.

A wise woman once told me that “No one wants to listen to the guy who dresses up like Jesus, riding a bike with a megaphone. Even if it’s true and well intentioned” It’s a turn-off. We can’t yell at people and insult them. It’s not their fault. I was once asleep at the wheel too. Maybe you were too. Remember what that was like? My wise friend continued to tell me. “We need to create a bonfire atmosphere and invite people to take a seat in the circle.”

So, that is my ending message to you. If you are the slightest bit interested in improving your life. Do it! no one else is going to help you. Not Donlad Trump. Not Hillary Clinton. Not Gary Johnson or Jill Stein. Not Your parents. Not your girlfriend or boyfriend. Not your boss or anyone else. Only You can do it. As Author James Altucher says; we are now living in the “Choose Yourself era”. Choose Yourself. When you Choose Yourself, You inspire others to do the same. It has a ripple effect and it will improve the lives of those around you. Then it will affect the world at large. Create a little campfire. Invite people to come sit down with you. Roast some smores and ask some questions. Thats how we can begin to make a real change. Away from old antiquated systems that don’t serve us anymore. Lets build a new machine. 

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