The Fake News Wars


Something happened. The earth tilted off its axis, and we slipped into another dimension.

Brexit happened, the Cubs won the world series, and Donald Trump is president and the connections to the time-traveling classic back to the future are eerily scary.

Recently it was announced that Facebook and google would be cracking down on what they deem to be “fake news” websites.
but, what gives them the authority to make an impartial non-bias decision of what is fake and what is real?
Mark Zuckerberg and google have been caught manipulating search results, and suppressing news in the past.So who are they to judge ?
How do we know who to trust ? whats real and whats fake ? and who should be the ones to decide.
In his most recent documentary,  Adam Curtis  explains that we are living in an era of “hypernormalisation” 
Everything in our world has become sort of fake and it’s become so hard for us to fight it, that we subconsciously or tacitly resign to accept it as real and true.
The reality that we see in the mainstream is not reality at all, but instead an engineered version of reality. It’s so beyond normal, that it has become “Hypernormal”.
In this Hyper-Normal world of fakeness. The only people that have been fighting back for truth and realness are the free thinking independent journalists, the podcasters, the youtube channels, etc..
And now, after a long hard fight against the dirty tricksters in the hoaxing media,  we are starting to turn the tide against them and take the power back. But, they still hold power and are starting to show signs of being scared.
There is a serious war happening right now between the lying cultural engineers to shut down alternative opinions and dissenting voices.
They will stop at nothing to protect their precious investment of their carefully curated version of reality.
You may ask, where on earth does the mainstream media get the audacity to decide what is and isn’t “fake news.”
Forget about a “dystopian future,”  we’re in it.
We truly are living in a surreal Orwellian landscape. We’re living in a backward bizarro world where everything is the opposite of what they say it is.

Up is down, down is up,  black is white, new is old, day is night. BIFF IS PRESIDENT!

The MSM is essentially a public relations extension of the political establishment. That is not an exaggeration.Our wise oligarchs rely on the Ministry of Truth (the Mainstream media)  to help them get away with murder!
All they do is spin things to fit their agendas, manipulate, and spread propaganda. This election cycle has exposed them and proved that more than ever. They have nowhere to go. No strategies left but the same tired old one. It goes like this:
Make sure to have a clean cut, professional looking person in a suit talk in a strange way that only news people seem to talk in, tell you the opposite of what is happening in the world and lie to your face. i.e. Hillary Will easily win by 80%
They dress up like the actors they are in makeup and prop them up in a fancy studio with shiny lights and HD LED screens with flashing colors and breaking news alerts.
Then, make sure every written publication confirms and reinforces their stories. Demonize every single person, website, and organization that holds a different opinion, brand them as racists, bigots and backward xenophobic, homophobic hicks.
This is one of the most popular and often used tactics of the establishment class. They use this tactic to pit people against each other and essentially have the people be their unofficial spokesman for their causes. But, free thinking people don’t buy this nonsense.
They use this along with gaslighting to control the game. To own the narrative. To decide where the story goes and how things play out.
And it all swirls around in group-think circle jerk  echo chamber that is the Hyper-Normal version of their meticulously crafted but ultimately false version of reality.
The only problem. The dam has burst open. There are now gaping gunshot holes blasted through the windshield of sanctioned thought. The internet has shown us the light. The minds are being opened to truth due to the connection to information like WikiLeaks among others.
The MSM and establishment powers are in panic. They are scared, and they are now desperately trying to stop it.
They are all liars, thieves, and crooks.
The one thing that I absolutely agreed with Donald Trump about was this issue.
They all got it wrong. All of them. They should have no authority anymore. None.
They have news anchors that lie about being shot at in war zones and then get to keep their job. That’s insane
Brian Williams, a supposed ” journalist who is tasked with reporting the truth to us , was caught lying to the American people and he still sits at his little desk with his smug look and pompous demeanor at MSNBC
The war that crazy “conspiracy theorist” Alex Jones has titled his network as (Infowars) is turning up to be true. There really is a war on for your mind. It’s more apparent now than ever before. 
With great power, comes great responsibility. It’s a theme in popular movies and books. The great ring of Sauron will corrupt anyone among us. It doesn’t matter if google’s slogan is “don’t be evil” or that facebook CEO mark Zuckerberg wears hoodies every day and has ping pong tables at the office. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. it happens everywhere in life. It’s easy for a guy like me who is not beholden to corporate sponsors or has money tied up in a diverse range of investments or needs favors from government agencies etc.. to speak truth to power. It becomes harder and harder the more you grow, the more connections you make, and then all of a sudden, maybe even without even knowing it you become the villain.
dont get it twisted. this game is all about 3 things money power control. when the established order of the current holders of these gets shaken up. They do not just go down without a fight. They will do anything and everything to hold on for dear life to the sinking ship. They keep rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic because they are too big, too entrenched in corruption and there’s no going back now. They can’t They are stuck,  caught up in their Hyper-Normal bubble, surrounded by a thousand needles ready to pop it out of existence.
Don’t listen to them.
A good rule of thumb is,  whatever the mainstream media class and political establishment  is telling us is a lie.It’s the opposite.
Hold them accountable. Don’t let them get away with it.

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