Everything Wrong With Meryl Streep’s Golden Globe Speech.


The Smug from Meryl Streep’s acceptance speech at the Golden Globes is coming.


She opened up by saying that Hollywood, foreigners, and the media are the most vilified groups of people. Eh, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but ok.

She is right about Hollywood and the media.There is a distrust and unlikable actor to both. And rightfully so.  I think Hollywood and the mainstream media are mostly a bunch of puppets.

We hate Hollywood because we hate your pompous, smug, know it all, selective humanitarian attitudes and out of touch views. Like this speech.

Instead of trying to understand the other persons perspective, you vilify them.you Stay in your luxury bubble world of group think and judge half of America.

That’s why we don’t like you. Because you sit atop your ivory towers peering down on us like peasants, telling us what we should think and masturbating to each other at your awards shows.

But hey, don’t bother taking the time to understand why America is the way it is, and what got us to this point. Just defend your group, blame the other and roll your eyes. It’s tribal knee jerk reactions back and forth on both sides like children.

Streep went on to talk about how there are many foreigners in Hollywood and said ” where are their birth certificates?”

That got a little reaction out of the crowd. she thought it was a cute little zinger, except, no one cares about their birth certificates. They’re not trying to run the country.

Then she said something about how they don’t deserve to be kicked out.

Hey Streep,

No one is trying to Kick Out Dev Patel, you idiot!

All these people are here legally. we have a process. People have to get checked out if they want to be here. I don’t know what to tell you. That’s not the way life works. You don’t just let people come in

It’s like your little exclusive Hollywood clubs that you belong to. You have to pay dues. They don’t just let in anyone. You have to be checked out, interviewed, etc.

If I were to sneak into a private Beverly Hills Club you belonged to, I’d be kicked out for trespassing.

Does that make sense to your shriveled little California raisin brain?

I love foreigners. I love traveling. I love living in New York City. It’s The most diverse city in the world. I love the ethnically diverse food and cultures and art. which leads me to my next criticism.

You slammed football and mixed martial arts? I mean, if anyone is taking shots at the other side it’s the left bullying the right. Not the other way around.

There’s many foreigners that fight in the MMA and Football is Americas favorite sport, so not really a great line there either.

She says we should be more empathetic and compassionate and yes I agree, but she just gets a lot of things wrong and sounds snobby and stuck up.

“our form of arts are better than your form of arts”

Making movies about making movies in LA and then holding self-congratulatory circle Jerks with little gold trophies and thinking your the saviors of the world is absurdity on its highest level.

If you don’t like sports that fine old lady, but don’t trash athletes and one of the most popular forms of entertainment, saying there’s no art to it.


The Disabled Reporter

Meryl Streep’s passion is there but the facts just aren’t there and unfortunately Streep has been bitten by the bug of fake news as well. The media and Hollywood are part of the propaganda machine of the deep state.

Trump did not mock the reporter for being disabled.

watch this videoTrump did NOT mock a reporter’s disability. He makes funny expressions all the time

Anyone would agree that mocking a disabled person is cruel and sick and wrong. But this was not the case. The Ministry of Truth known as the mainstream Media portrayed in the way they wanted to. They portrayed it the way that members of the deep state had instructed them to.

Trump has stated himself that he did not make fun of the reporter for having a disability.

Meryl Streep made a great point about public behavior spreading and filtering down into everyones life. thats exactly what Hollywood and The Media do. They make sure they set the tone for the Government to look good.

She goes on to say: “Disrespect incites disrespect. Violence incites violence”

So what about the public behavior of our last commander in chief and his administration?

what happened on Barrack Obamas watch?  lying about Gitmo, extending the wars, his covert drone program, the NSA spying, war on whistleblowers, poisoning the drinking water of millions of people, continued war on drugs,  prisons, the militarization of the police, destruction and degradation of the economy not disrespectful or violent?

Not going to mention any of that, right?  Because probable CIA op Anderson Cooper didn’t report on it on CNN, so it didn’t happen.

Then she calls on the press to call out Donald Trump for everything. Yeah, we’re going to ask the liars and propagandists to hold him accountable. You know, like they did with Obama.

The disconnect between the elites and the average American is enormous. Its laughable how they act. The problem is that many people revere them like royalty. They’re not. They’re just humans who are entertainers. Nothing more.

Their cocky holier than thou attitude is why we have Donald Trump for president. The backlash to their insanity is why things are the way they are. Maybe it’s time to start looking at the real hierarchy in this country. Look at the real power structure that is causing harm. See, that is what they are afraid of. absolute power. Not the particular person that wields it.

When Hollywood starts addressing those issues, the real issues, then I’ll have some respect for their speechs. Until then, they’re just a bunch of misinformed puppets.




2 thoughts on “Everything Wrong With Meryl Streep’s Golden Globe Speech.

  1. The real gaslighting that’s going on is the left making you think they’re the dominant narrative in this country. Their smugness would make you believe you are a minority of objective thinking. You have to admit that the election of Trump and immense loss of Democrat seats has shown that this cultural Marxist mentality is the real minority and we all just choose to tolerate it when it annoys us.

    You defeat them by going on offense not cucking when they attack you.

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