Trump Exploits Emotions Of A Grieving Widow For Political Gain


The most disgusting moment of Trump’s address last night was the one that is getting all the media attention of course.

I’m talking about the moment that Trump decided to stand on the grave of an American soldier who was killed for no reason in Yemen for political gain.

Using this dead soldier’s poor wife as a prop to drum up patriotism and bi-partisan support for more death, war, destruction, intervention and his insane military build up budget is absolutely sickening and terrifying. This is tried and true state propaganda that has worked to the benefit of politicians for decades.  Is this one empty symbolic gesture supposed to make up for the order you gave that brought him to his death?

Soldiers join up to defend America From all threats foreign and domestic and right now the only threat is a domestic one.

We wouldn’t be seeing the problems in the middle east affect us if we weren’t over there. It would be a different story if this man died in New York, defending our country from an invasion, but a raid in Yemen! When will this madness end ?

A lot of people on the right are praising this moment as “the moment that Trump became President”
One of them being Conservative orthodox Jew, Ben Shapiro who I enjoy and respect very much. However I disagree with him about this moment. I thought it was Primetime Propaganda, not patriotism.

I hear Ben Shapiro say in regards to transgenderism, that we shouldn’t be humoring mass delusion. The same can be said about the death of this soldier. We all need to stop humoring this mass delusion that the united states military is fighting for our freedom abroad. I’m sorry bu this is factually inaccurate.

The United States has been pushing the same cultural conditioning on it people for the past century, ever since Edward Bernays Coined the phrase “fighting to help spread democracy” and Woodrow Wilson used it to propagandize the public into support for WW1. (Most Americans were against our entry into WW1.)

It’s absolute rubbish used to manipulate people’s emotions and to demonize and denounce anyone speaking out against it as unpatriotic. Under the ideological camouflage of patriotism, they can whip the masses into cheering for an otherwise detestable gang of wealthy people in power who send young men and women to die in foreign lands for no good reason.

You can’t be pro-life and support these needless deaths. That’s called hypocrisy.

Fighting for freedom is the delusion we all entertain in order to cope with the reality that we can not stand to bear.

It’s sad. It’s a tragedy and if we had real courage and bravery we would wake up and stand up to the empire’s war machine that warps our minds, distorts our humanity and reaps the rewards of our tears.

Break out of the mold of thinking from a perspective of a nation and see things from the perspective of humanity.


This moment was cringe at its highest level. I couldn’t bare to watch the way these parasitic politicians stand up out of their comfy little seats to cheer. Like their applause is going to magically bring this dead soldier back to his crying wife? Like its going to absolve us from all the blood on our hands?

NO! of course not. But thats not what we do in the good ol’ U S of A. In America, we send soldiers to their doom for special interests and then say their heroes for “serving their country” or “fighting for freedom” and like I stated above, thats just not true. Its very sad and very tragic.

Nothing could be further from the truth. We are an empire who imposes its will on any one we want. We are bullies and people get named killed disfigured and traumatized  and its wrong.


Not to mention this “raid” in Yemen was also responsible for the death of an 8-year-old girl who was shot in the neck and bled to death for 2 hours. People who claim they are pro-life must support all life, not just life when it is convent for you or fits your narrative.  The life of this girl is just as valuable as the life of Ryan Owens, the soldier who was killed.

War Is  A Racket 


How much longer does this have to go on?

We’ve been fighting the “war on terror” my entire life, hundred of thousands if not millions of innocent men women and children have been murdered, homes destroyed, entire cities leveled into chaos and then our poor soldiers suffering from the horrors they committed wind up killing themselves because they can’t handle the pain and suffering of the inhumane acts.

22 veterans a day commit suicide because of these evil “wars” you know there’s something terribly wrong when this is what is happening. These “wars” are not wars they are terrorism. committed by us. We are the terrorists.

When the fuck are we gonna wake up and do something about this? when the fuck are we going to choose peace?

This is the biggest problem in our world today and nobody seems to really get it. nobody seems to realize the reality and the impact it has on everything else. its all connected.

Innocent men women and children are being displaced and dying because of us. It is FUNDED BY US. And we get fucked for it. This is madness and it has to end or our world will inch closer and closer to a hellish dystopia. very sad.

The United States should end all foreign entanglements immediately, bring all of its troops home from all around the world, stop invading countries, drone bombing, raids, and all the meddling that goes on in the middle east and elsewhere. If Trump really wants to put America first, he would do that.

But he doesn’t, instead he wants to add $54 billion to the Military and that is very very scary.

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