Recent Revelations Shouldn’t Be Surprising If You Understand This One Simple Thing

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I’m not going to lead you on. 

What is the one simple thing you need to understand?

Easy. Government is force.Government is the mafia.Thats it.

They do whatever they want, whenever they want, they say anything to fan the flames of our tempers,  and they get away with everything. Always.

They are not servants of the people, they are servants of the elites.  They need to keep us disinterested, distracted, confused, eating out of the palm of their hands and ultimately, under their complete control, so they stay in power. It may not seem that way, because they put a lot of money and effort into disguisng their true nature, but that is what it is.

And its not sort of like that but… or some people are that way but not all, just a few bad apples. NO! it is coded within the DNA of the entire system. It can not operate any other way.

Government is Force

Every government program is backed by the coercive power to compel people to alter their lives is some way under threat of penalty or imprisonment. For government to provide what you want,  it has to take it from someone else.

Behind every single law, regulation and program is the threat of Force. Either people are being forced to do something they don’t want to or they will be forced to pay for things they don’t want to. Do you really want to live in this world of outsourcing aggression onto peaceful people?

Ok you may say, big deal. I get it. You may even accept it and say that we need force to have a “civilized society”  You may  rationalize it and say “Its ok, because we hold our politicians accountable. After all we live in a democracy right? Checks and balances! The Voice of the people at work! yada yada yada

But what about the government makes you think that their power is being checked?

And forget about the front facing cover of politicians in D.C. what about the unelected power of the intelligence agencies, banks and contractors that make up the Deep State. Who is keeping their power in check?

Who is watching the watchers? The answer: No one.

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”

It’s funny to see things that were called wacky conspiracy theories just five years ago starting to be excepted, now that info has come out proving them. I’ve been talking about the Deep State for years, but recently now its trendy and cool to talk about. Its about time the public caught up. Welcome to the true resistance.

Before I go further. The Revelations I am referring to specifically are the Vault 7 wikileaks dump. There have been articles reporting on the CIA and their ability to watch you using TVs, hack into your car and even collect data from Amazons Alexa. One that caught my eye as well is the death of Michael Hastings.

WikiLeaks: CIA Can Hack Cars to Carry Out “Undetectable Assassinations” – Just Like Michael Hastings

When this happened. I knew it was The CIA. I didn’t have proof but I did have the truth on my side. The truth of what government is. When you understand that. It will set you free, and you will see things for what they really are without a shred of doubt.

Just like we all knew O.J. Simpson did it but he was found innocent in criminal court. That is a microcosm of how the whole system functions.

To anyone that has been really paying attention, it’s no surprise, just sweet sweet validation.

This kind of stuff should be no shock to people who understand with the fundamental nature of the state.

I am not shocked by any of these new revelations at all because I understand the true nature of government.

Government is a gang of mostly parasites, sociopaths and thieves. – This of course includes the unelected deep state as well.

People are afraid that maybe one day we will be living in some kind of dystopian 1984 type of world – funny thing is, we already are.

I don’t know what you thought this thing we are living under was?

I know, it’s that damn public school education – the 8th grade history version of government as public servants only out for the good of the people.

To me that is just laughable, but I understand because I was under the influence of that line of thinking too.

You people think corporations and banks are so big bad and scary but you don’t realize the worst corporation of them all is the federal government. The worst bank of them all is the Federal reserve.

And the reason why it’s the worst is because we allow it to exist because it keeps promising us it will do good.

We all suffer from Stockholm syndrome – sympathizing and loving our captors. We’re like abused wives who are in denial and think “he’s a good man”  But at the end of the day the uncomfortable truth is what will lead us to salvation not the comfortable delsuion.

Abuse is abuse – theft is theft- and force is force – the sugar coating has been layered on thick and It’s a seductive and strong psychological effect.

There is this mass hallucination that government is somehow different or special or that these are special people, higher beings of superior moral character who are looking out for us and they have to fight the big bad evil men who only care about profit.

At least corporations are honest about what they are, and by the way they only get to be that big bad and evil by making special deals with the government.

They’re not inherently evil, but The state is. 

With government  it’s even more disgusting because they operate under the guise of “do gooders”  They lie to your face and stab you in the back. They ask to crash on your couch and in exchange help you with chores around the house and protect you from would be intruders and killers but in reality they’re stealing form you right under your nose and lying to your face.

Everyone knows hit is true. You know it. Deep down in your heart you know, you know that government can not do what it says, will not deliver what you want and will make your life worse, not better.

They have created this image that they are a benevolent force only looking out for the public good.

Nothing could be further from the truth. They’re just like everyone else. That’s why we shouldn’t give them the gun.

You wanna get money out of politics, but really we need politics out of money.

We need to get rid of the belief in the institution of government as an effective and moral way of organizing society. It’s absurd.

We would never give authority like this to any person or corporation. We would never accept the scandals, the failures, the wars, the police brutality, the lies, the broken promises. so why are they any different?

When government fails people demand more government and more money!!

When business fails, it fails! Another better one comes along and takes its place. We don’t keep buying products that poison us and kill us, that are broken and damaged. No! We tell that company to go to hell and we vote with our dollars elsewhere. We change the entire ecosystem with the action of supply and demand. It’s not that complicated.

But government, they got you hoodwinked. They got you beliveing they’re your mommy and daddy and they’re gonna protect you from all the big  baddies out there in the world just waiting to eat you up!

I want to share a brief quote that I love from the book Feardom: How Politicians Exploit Your Emotions and What You Can Do To Stop Them by Connor Boyack

He says: “The people can always be brought to do the bidding of the leaders. In a democracy, all you have to do is convince the people they’re being attacked and then denounce the pacifists  for lack of Patriotism and exposing the country to danger”

Also, check out this excerpt from The Book ‘They Thought They Were Free, The Germans 1933-45’ by Milton Mayer

That is always the trick they use the same hack pick up line used by our government since World War 1. They always use fear and protection to take away your rights and liberties.

Thats why I call them The mafia.

The mafia comes around to collect money from Businesses, and its not a negotiation, they use the threat of violence against you and fashion it as a voluntary exchange. You trade your money to them in exchnage for protection. And if you don’t pay, they smash your store or worse kill you!

When you strip away all the niceties all the smiley faces all the beautiful user interface is all the slogans all the logos all the platitudes and promises of what government should be when you strip away all the ideals and the stories and the traditions that we have come to believe and except when you strip all that away you’re left with the core naked raw truth.

Government is force. That is all they are.

Behind every law, behind every bill, behind every single piece of legislation, there is a gun on the table. There is the threat of force that goes along with it.

This is not the most optimal way to organize society. More importantly, it is immoral.

You may ask “how will women get birth control if not for the funding of planned parent hood?”

But knowing what you now know. Do you really think its right and fair and morally just to force people who are pro life to pay for your abortions?

What if instead of relying on government force, we ask all the women who gathered together for the women march, (I think it was something like 3 million or so)  to each chip in $15 a month.

They would be able to fund planned parent hood themselves WITHOUT THE HELP OF GOVERNMENT. Imagine that? people voluntarily getting together to support things they care about. who would of thought? what a novel idea.

Planned parenthood gets $500 million a year from the federal government. $15 a month from women who care about it would fund it. Its really that simple.

This is not the price we pay to live in a civilized society

This is the price we pay to serve our masters. Do you think slaves said that? Maybe some did. But, most slaves, the ones who knew they were slaves,  wanted to break free of their shackles and escape.

We think we have abolished slavery but slavery has just taken up a new store sophisticated form.


It amazes me that people have a hard time understanding this. 

When people go to the movies and watch films such as the hunger games, Star Wars, The Lord of the rings or The divergent series,  we all cheer for the rebels, for the people who disobey, the people who fight against the big monolithic structure that wants to impose its will on everyone.But in real life, we accept and even cheer to be ruled over.

In those movies it’s quite clear who we should be rooting for and who we should be rooting against. There is a sense of comic book characterization of evil so we know. The bad guy is in black, they look scary etc.  but  in our world evil is more nuanced than that. Its not so clear cut. It is trivial and banal. It’s ordinary. Its a simple grey building and its called the “National Security Agency” and we use patriotism and tradition to bolster its credibility. We pass laws called “The patriotic act” and so on..

Imagine if In Star Wars, instead of calling their weapon “The Death Star” It was called “The Galactic Protector Of Life”  This smiley face front of evil is one of the most freighting things of all.

The system is set up this way. It’s not the people it’s the system. If you put a good person in the system they will drown. The system eats you. Its an eating machine. Thats what it does. It corrupts.

The people with bad traits that we complain about in our government will always exist. It is not about electing good people. It is about getting rid of the power that they become attracted to. We must throw the ring of power into Mordor. That is the only way we win.

Human beings will always be parasitical liars sociopaths psychopaths crocs murderers they will always be this but let’s not give them the power to act out their wildest and craziest desires to rule over others let’s not give them the gun let’s take that option off the table.

They trick you through years and years of repetition through heavy indoctrination in public schools in every fiber of our culture and society, through mass media and entertainment.

Everybody acts so shocked and appalled with all these revelations that come out,  year after year, decade after decade.

How much longer are we going to act surprised and shocked that maybe just maybe people in our government and the very structure and nature of our government isn’t meant to help and serve you!

As long as we keep living in ignorance and denial of what this thing really is at it’s core, we are doomed to keep having the same outcomes.

We must not accept the legitimacy of this criminal organization that rules over us as being benevolent. Once you understand what the genetic make up of government is, then and only then can there be true reform.

The true purpose of government is to keep rich, wealthy elites in power, shielding them from a public that when it finds out what is really going on, will revolt, storm the castle and kill the king. the tools they use to do it have no ends, the means they will justify have no ends. They are watching you, they are listening to you, they are shaping and molding your opinions and beliefs, they are monitoring our every move and speech and thought. We must put an end to this before we lose our humanity to them totally. Call me a hysteric, but thats what they want. Again, its not because they are evil. It is because they look down upon us. They think we are inferior to them. They view us as cows or pigs in  factory farm. That is it.

I’m not a cow. I am a Lion

“Nothing can stop and idea whose time has come” – and that idea is freedom. Freedom is always sexy,always hip, always in and always wanted. People desire freedom and truth. The problem is that we are all fully immersed in a comfortable prison.

We are Intentionally manipulated, subjugated, and conditioned to believe what they want us to so they can stay in power. Blinded from the truth, the divert our attention to focus on the other.

We all, kick and scream at each other. We are like animals in a zoo who think that we can reform the zoo from within, but really we need to  WAKE UP AND BREAK OUT OF OUR CAGES!


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