BackWordz Moves Libertarianism Forward Into The Culture Of Cool With Debut Album Veracity


If I were to score this album, it would get a 10/10.

Veracity is the high powered, mind-expanding, sonic blast to the skull unlike anything I’ve ever heard before.

I can’t even put it into words. I wish I possessed the poetry of language required to describe the range of talent here but that would kind of take all the fun away from the experience of listening to it. As the message says from the opening track Pop Off

“People have been arguing what genre we are, but just shut up, sit back and enjoy the music.” And that is what you need to do. This is a full album play from track 1-18.

I first became aware of BackWordz about a year and a half ago when I stumbled upon frontman Eric Julys Facebook videos.

His videos were simple, informative and straight forward. It was clear that this dude was smart as hell and using his smarts to try and drop knowledge on internet trolls and unconscious state worshiping robots.

It resonated with me because there was a certain level of frustration, anger, and passion behind what he was saying. And I could relate to it. I felt the same way.

Anyone who is a libertarian can relate. We’re all too familiar with the feeling of beating our heads against the wall trying to have rational discussions with autistic screechers. So, I really enjoyed what he was doing.

I immediately invited Eric to come on the show I was co-hosting at the time, Part Of The Problem with Dave Smith.

We had a great conversation, and I became a fan and continued to follow his work.

I kept paying attention to the videos he was putting out, whether it was on the min wage, taxation, SJWs, the cops, the federal reserve, basic economics, or liberal hypocrisy, they were all great. But, then I started to pay attention to the music he was making.

The first thing I listened to was: BackWordz & Outnumbered Presents: Rippa’s Raps #3- AnCap Rap Pt.2 I immediately loved it and that led me to discover more of BackWordz music.

Next, I heard the single Statism and it blew me away. I kept paying attention and now that full album has dropped. I feel compelled to write this and share in the awesomeness that is Veracity.

Now, I am not a professional music critic by any means, nor am I a hardcore metal fan, but I do love music, and I love liberty. And more importantly, I just love when really talented people make amazing art with a real message that doesn’t overpower the music.

That is very important. The music stands on its own regardless of the message. But the message they stand for is what notches it up to greatness.

When talent, truth, and passion meet, this is what you get. These guys are the real deal. This album is fun as hell and exciting for the liberty movement and music.

Ok, enough of this writing bullshit, lets all get in our cars and blast veracity to full volume while we storm the white house and overthrow the government. Saturday at high noon. Be there.

Oh, sorry, I’ got a little carried away there. Just kidding. I respect the NAP. Don’t put me on a list. (prob too late for that) ok, Now, back to the words.

We all know that libertarians don’t have a strong foothold in the culture.

But, That is exactly what we need. We need to infiltrate and immerse ourselves in the culture of cool. In Art, Music, film, dance, TV, etc. The left has dominated this realm for far too long and I think its fair to say, we’re all sick of it.

This is a major step forward and a big win for what we stand for.

Libertarians aren’t necessarily known for being “cool” But that is exactly what we need to win the hearts and minds of more people and convert them to our side. The right side. The side of truth, freedom, liberty and rocking your fucking ass off to powerful heart pounding jams you want to hear over and over again.

The music world lost its edge some time ago. The rebellious fuck you to the system seems to go by the wayside for phony kiss ass pandering artists and fake activists with lame music who think they’re so important. What happened to the resistance to authority in music? What happened to the anti-war music and the protest art? I don’t know.

People have been asleep I guess.

I think its about time wake ’em up. Grab your Beat Pill speakers and stereos, put them next to their beds and jolt them awake like Marty McFly knocking his father back to consciousness in Back To The Future.

Its time we go back to the roots of the realness to bring about the future we want. Crank that sucker up to 11 and blow the sleeping zombies ear drums out with a hard dose of Veracity.

BackWordz will blow your head off with blazing Screams of truth that are directly aimed at the real face of power in our world. This isn’t your grandma’s phony protest music or any fake ass raging against some kind of “machine.”

This is highly skilled, elevated and educational lyrics dipped in serious style, and talent like you’ve never heard anywhere else before. If you’re a fan of metal, you’ll love it. If you’re a fan of hard rock, you’ll love it. If you’re a fan of rap and hip-hop, you’ll love it. If you’re a fan of Liberty, you’ll love it.

The band rocks hard with the deadly trifecta of pulsing beats, cutting lyrics and searing guitar shredding that pulls you in to jump around and rock with them. It will inspire you to Be Great, by lighting a fires inside of you and maybe after you’re done head banging and enjoying the music you may just go and google some of the lyrics to find the deeper meaning behind what Eric is preaching.

Maybe you’ll find yourself spiraling down a rabbit hole of wisdom and getting’ woke by the endless plethora of information on

This is the real protest music of our day. This is what we have all been waiting for.

Veracity is an album that rips and shreds harder and faster with more rhythm and style than I’ve seen in a long time, and not only that, but there is a positive message here, empowering kids, teens, and adults alike to take responsibility, wakeup, and own yourself!

There’s no question that these guys are very talented and this album is a must listen. Enough reading me talk about it. Get it, download it, whatever you do, just don’t violate the NAP in doing so. Go and support these guys right now and buy their album.

Congrats to BackWordz for making this epic masterpiece of music for this generation in desperate need of it.

After you’re done listening to Veracity, you may want to give it another go and if you find yourself singing along, who knows you may just find your voice changing from a Baaa Baaa Baaaing sort of sound to howling.

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