#taxationistheft #taxationisslavery #taxtionisrape

I couldn’t give a shit if Trump never releases his taxes. I hope he managed to find a way to do everything in his power to not have his money confiscated by the evil criminal organization that is the IRS. I hope he found all the loopholes and ways around possible.
The fact that people are upset about this is absurd. Everyone is acting like the teacher’s pet who raises their hand in class.
” excuse me teacher, you forgot to assign us homework!”
The revolutionaries that founded this beautiful country would be rolling in their graves.
Call me crazy but I think maybe, just maybe if people woke up to the reality of the prison we live in, maybe we could all join together and oppose the evil thieves that steal our money and spend it on horrible evil things that we would never want our hard earned money to be spent on.
Taxation is not the price we pay to live in a civilized world.Taxation is the penalty we get for being pussy bitches that get fucked in the ass repeatedly until we die like tired old pathetic worms.
Taxation is a violation of the highest order. Taxation is one of the most horrific criminal things to have ever been normalized.
Why do I say this?
Because FUCK THEM! that’s why. Our money is our property. Our property is part of us. It is our god given birth right to defend ourselves from those who want to rape, kill, pillage, steal, and violate us.
The rally cry of the past was “no taxation without representation” What happened to that?
Now people are chanting “pay your fair share” I want to throw up
We know we do not have representation. We know, we all know with absolute certainty that the system has failed us. Only a fool would put faith in it. We know they do not use our money on things we really want.That really work. It’s always some agency that fails and needs more money because central planners can’t figure it out! but the answer is always more money. more confiscation. more theft. more debt. more slavery. more of us slowly dying inside, small little black holes in soul growing bigger, living lives of quite a desperation, hoping for a relief that never comes.
They use our tax dollars to build their mansions, line their cronies pockets with money, buy jets,etc.. and bomb, kill, destroy and imprison men women and children all over the globe.
If we do not own ourselves, and we do not own our property, who does? what are we then?
If you feel like I do. Disobey. That is the only way we win. Peaceful resistance. Opt out of the system. Civil Disobedience. If we get enough people on our side. we win.
Fuck them! fuck them! fuck them forever! 
#taxationistheft #taxationisslavery

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