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I am The Co-host of the libertarian podcast, Part Of The Problem with stand up comic & Fox News regular Dave Smith. I am the host of my own podcast called Mikedelic, which focuses on the benefits of psychedelics and argues the moral right to cognitive liberty for all human beings. I used to work in social media advertising, now I do stand up comedy in NYC, podcast, make art, make videos on youtube, and write to educate my peers on the importance of freedom & liberty.


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6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Just wanted to say one of the best modern libertarian pieces of writing their is. So unapologetic for your views and a simple “it is what it is” and “he is the candidate so let’s back him” doesn’t work for you since he’s not a true libertarian. Great piece of writing. Keep it up🙌🏼

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  2. Hey Mike, I was just listening to your most recent podcast and thought you might be interested in how I see “God.” I’ve written an article about it, if you care to spare the time. Keep up the amazing work, brother.


    Here’s another one I think you’ll love.


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  3. You are so damn funny, on POTP. While many libertarian shows are intellectual, you and Dave’s show adds a humorous vibe on top of the great info. You guy’s show is my must listen podcast, every week. Good luck on your 2017 expansion of your own podcast.

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